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March 13, 2011

Teaching energy, power and efficiency in physics


The picture shows a snap-shot of a dynamic work sheet to support classroom discussion on the topic of workdone, power and efficiency in a Physics lesson. The animals pull along some loads for some distances. Students are encourage to discuss the merit of which animal did most work, which was most powerful and which worked most efficiently. They are encourage to give reasons to support their assertions. Pressing the star buttons at the bottom of screen will reveal the answers graphically and numerically.

The performances of the animals are determined anew randomly every time the program is restarted. The size of the animals is not an indicator. However, the size of the food is directly proportional to the energy it contains. Energy which is the product of force and displacement is presented by the area of a rectangle. Power is how much the energy is output per unit time. Efficiency relates the energy output to the how much food the animal has eaten. Scratch was used to create the work sheet. It is quite popular and is quite easy to use.

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