November 21, 2006

dj scratch

Writing about web page

Top B

well guys….writing after a long time.
held up with post module assignments etc..etc..
anyways i am a keen follower of top banana.. is there any chances of improving it.??
any ideas..

October 28, 2006

Daylight Saving time

Daylight Saving time…..well i really dont understand the logic behind it… how is anyone going to get more sunlight out of just putting clocks back by an hour…instead why dont they just open shops..institutes…banks… hour earlier…just saves the confusion it would create…..
this is just my point of view….
open to discussion..

October 27, 2006

First Entry

Hey all..well here goes my entry into blogging…i know its pretty late but i guess its never too late…nevertheless…me slogging my a@# off at the learning grid…have to complete a PMW by this weekend…GULP.!! not possible is my first impression…but you never know…

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