February 09, 2018

BLOG WEEK 5: Is likely that sport in the future will see reduction in sex segregation?

Along the history, generally we can see that women have limited opportunities and a different perception of their gender by the male, for example in education, politics and violence, the women have to fight for their rights and demonstrate the equality to the opposite sex.

Specifically, if we talk about their participation in the sports. All of it started only for men with specifically qualities. They were called “Normal” people, to the people who were heterosexual males with able-bodied and white skin. The “Other” people are the opposite of normal and they started to participate many years after that (Ryall, 2016). If we remember the Olympics Games begun in 716 b.C. in Greece and the participation of women appeared in the Olympics Games in Paris in 1900 (De Villa, 2015). So, for many years sports were exclusive for men.

Juegos Olimpicos primeros

Is this the reason why the teams or the world cups are denominated without sex if we talk about men sports? Is a good theory. For a better understanding, for example if we talk about the England men’s football team we say “The England football team” and if we talk about the same team but from women people say “England ladies football team”, true or false. It doesn’t justify the discrimination in basic things like the name of the team.

Is true that both sex doesn’t has the same capacities, some gender are better than the other in different kinds of things, for example, men are more stronger than women, and women have more flexibility than men. Even so, it doesn’t means that the other gender can’t do the same sport or practise it to improve their capacities and most important, enjoy it.

To answer the question of the title. Is important to know some arguments for sex segregated, all of the arguments that I am presenting was developed by Tännsjó. In the book “Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions” by Emily Ryall. He said that sports has categorizes between sex to make the competition good and fair; for protect both sex to violent outbursts; to showcase different feminine values and allow women chance of winning as unsegregated sport would be dominated by men (Ryall, 2016).

What you think when you read it? Something that people have to understand is that there are biologically differences between both sexes, we can’t compare the speed of a woman with a man, because their bodies are different, for the function that each one has, and what they provide to their species. A woman has the capacity to be pregnant and her body has the qualities for that. So, biologically her body has different attributes.

Like we saw in the lecture, now so many sports has both categorizes of sexes, for example synchronized swimming is a sport that started only for women because biologically this sex have more aptitudes to this than the other. And we also saw that both sexes could participate in the same categorize. Like the participation of the best player of the American football ladies team in men’s training of the same sport.

Week 5woman

This kind of things demonstrate that we are having advances in the topic, the culture are understanding that the physically differences between both sex doesn’t means that we have to categorized in gender. If someone like training specific sports and to challenge the present stigma throughout the history of the humanity it is fine.

The sex segregation is reducing increasingly, that’s a very good point, but we don’t have to forget that biologically both sexes are different and categorize them between sexes or weight is not bad to do a good competition. If you want to training without this categorize is ok. You decide the place that make you feel comfortable.


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