February 05, 2012

Leadership and Excellence first week part 1


I had chance to study Leadership before and knew that the subject of leadership is quite subjective. Reading a lot of books about leadership or listening many aspects of it from a comparatively experienced people does not help to understand what leadership is and how it works in various situations. Therefore, making group projects and understanding the actions from group members having chance to be the leader in a group was quite good experience for learning. Leadership is an interactive thing, so learning in groups, having discussion with others is much more helpful than reading stereotype books.

Particularly second day of this module, I learnt what type of leader I am and which points are negative in my leadership. My team members described me as a democratic leader and as a negative point, I was found too hectic that made the team members nervours in time management.

I think a leader should not miss any idea from the followers, he/she should listen very carefully and try to obtain creative solutions from them. Moreover, leader should encourage people to be more creative and participating. Everybody has a potential to contribute the system to improve in best way.

Besides, the desired characteristics in a leader depend on people’s thinkings. Leader should be very active in choosing people into his/her team. For example, not only 30 minutes job interview, much more time has to be spent before recruitment to a company.

Definition of leadership

We worked together and tried to find the best definition amongst the class. At first I did not think that could be that much difficult to pick the words towards the definition. We decided that leadership is related to power. Being voluntarily in leadership was also one of the important. Every organisation has goals in general and also particularly they are for strategy. Shared goals and enthusiasm for it in every member of teams is significant to sustain efficient work.

Indirect leadership

The leadership definition and the term of indirect leadership made some confused. Indirect leadership can be explained as being thought leadership. Some of us thought that in indirect leadership there is not a common, shared goal. I think that there is. Actually the indirect leader sets the goal that aims the excellence in which subject he/she specialized. People who like this goal and to be like the indirect leader follow that person.

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