November 25, 2010


Deming was not into the whole six sigma thing, but alot of the principles behind six sigma are in line with the system of profound knowledge. There are others that are not; like the Green belts and Black belts obviously coined from the asian martial arts grading system. This goes against Deming's teaching on Psychology by recognising few as champions as this will be demmoralizing for the others. Now if six sigma agrees that most causes of failure is the socio-emotional issues, then why bring in this grading system? Deming strived to make the world better with his teachings and Six sigma followed, but had too make champions.

Please I need your inputs on this.

November 21, 2010


Yes there was alot of calculations...formulars...but Taguchi was quite interesting. The fact that one could find a solution to a problem without having to invest so much was great. It was good to see that the experiment worked and finding the design space was quite interesting. We didnt get the optimum out of the helicopters but we advanced in the right direction. Given another trial, we would end up at the optimum design space. Taguchi was an eye opener and I don't mind trying it all over again.

November 18, 2010

Six Sigma experience

The journey is almost at an end a the PIUSS ends tomorrow....or is it?

Reflecting......the perp week was quite interesting for me as I was introduced to Edward Deming. That was a big WOW as I ejoyed the reading. His philosopy was mind blowing as it is quite hard to fault it. The PMI cycle was cool too..showing different steps to  improving a process. The online module helped in giving a good insight to what I was getting into.

Testing these theories and tools on actual tasks done was a great learning experience. I whole six sigms experience did not just give an education about six sigma but changed all of us....but I am sure it changed me. Our Production line, though not perfect, was not bad for beginners and it would have gotten better. To actually see that we had an improvement using 6 sigms tools was really cool. This s..... works. The team work was great...i learnt about different cultures and made good friends, i hope. 

This whole thing was not just about the module....I am going to enjoy doing this PMA as I will learn a whole lot more.

Blog on people and see y'all at the socials tomorrow......



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