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October 15, 2010

FindingsDr.Deming's theories – Usama Nadeem

Dr.Deming has greatly emphaissed on the role of team work when it comes to achieving excellence. He criticises those traditional theories of effective business management which promote competition among organizations,people and countries etc. He is of the view that excellence can only be achieved if everyone works together as a team and try to achieve goals and improve and competition among industries and more specifically among departments within an organization create lack of exchange of knowledge and people don't help and share when they know that they have got competition whether it's within an organization or outside an organization. He focuses on innovation,improvement and learning and establishes that it's not possible without interaction and linkages among people.

In his theory of profound knowledge he has focused on development of a system. He ahs also emphasized on the role of the managers which accoring to him should be examplary and of a guider, not a dictator. He regards knowledge as the key to success and that any step taken by the managers and the leaders without proper knowledge is useless.He also discusses several types of variations when it comes to the processes, namely Common,Special, Cyclical and Tampering and has said that it is again the role of the managers to judge the variations because they are the rightb people for this job. The Psycology is also another point that I have already discussed above which has to do with the psycology of the people who are very important part of a system.

Well According to me, the Competition Point is the most important one. Although competition paves way for improvement but still it has many odds aswell. Competition leads to short-term gains and long-term goals may not be achieved because of that.       

October 11, 2010

CBE October 11

Well, in todays CBE session I have been able to grab mnay key points when it comes to Achieving Business Excellence. Business Excellence although, seems a term that has to do with monetary gains only is actually not atall about maximizing profits only. It is actually the employee satisfaction at every level of organization that matters the most than anything else. Many organizations may have same numbers of work force or the same level of advance technology, but what matters is actually not the amount of labor force but the level of motivation and the level of recognition that they have. One organization maybe with less number of satisfied labor force can achieve more than maybe an organization with huge number of dissatisfied labor force.

The key point when it comes to employe satisfaction is actually the Reward System that lies within the organization. It has to be fair at every level. All the employees should have equal motivation to better their performance and there should be no biasness towards the higher level management when it comes to rewards and recognition. The manager's role is not to dictate all of his subordinates but it is to help them and guide them through everything, this is what actually makes an organization more powerful and stand among the best. These are also the finding that we got from the video that we saw of ''Dr Deming'' relating to japanee's growth. And it was also shown that where actually the problem lied in the American system. They did not value Dr.Deming's finding which took Japan towards efficiency and growth but at the later stage they had to follow the Japanees model, because it is inevitable when it comes to achieving growth and excellence according to Dr.Deming  

I truely agree with the fact that the employees, irrespective of what catagory they belong to should be given equal respect and recognition because everyone is a part of an organization and everyone is contributing. Because back in my country 'Pakistan' people don't respect the lower level employees but they value and respect the higher level managers. I myself has noticed this within my own family business that the unskilled labor are not encouraged to take any sort of decisions and they are expected to do as they are told. They are not allowed to use their brain atall, in short they are not given equal importance. So, what I came up with todays lecture is that I can maybe take an initiative in future to give my unskilled labor force the importance and recognition that they deserve and that by respecting them and motivating them as we as an organization can benifit a whole lot and can increase our efficiency, because we all are working towards the same mission, towards striving growth and excellence for our organization.   

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