March 29, 2011


The best way to improve one’s leadership skills is certainly, through experience, accepting the challenge when it comes and also to look at real life examples that are there around us. I personally feel that real life examples are the best ways to learn about leadership more than everything else. Even if it does not teach you much about the role, it surely helps you to realize what not to do in a given scenario. The way I have learned about leadership is through my uncle who I feel is a very effective leader but certainly not the most respected one. He is very professional, dedicated, and creative and a risk taker above all but does not possess a very healthy relationship with the people of our organization. People tend to fear him as he leads by fear and he also enforces orders and does not allow the employees to participate. In short, he wants them to follow orders and do as they are told. Although, I admire his dedication, hard work and creativity but do not like his leadership style because I feel it is not effective in the long run. Because, I feel there should be a good relationship between a leader and the people, so that they give their hundred percent at work and work for the system whole heartedly.

So, one gets to learn a lot from the real life examples that are present around us. They actually make you think about what would you do if you were in the same situation or position? And it is actually better to learn after knowing what exactly you are going to face in the real world.                

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  1. Would just like to add something…. when we talk about great leaders.. people tend to refer to historican leaders usually.such as Napoleon..Gandhi..Nelson Mandela or even Hitler..but I believe leadership is all around us..leaders are everywhere and they effect lives of people in their own way.. in their own way they try to create a better world to live in…we should look out for such people and try to learn as much as we can from them..

    29 Mar 2011, 23:58

  2. Aditi Leadership is everywhere….......... Great point…........ I am a follower of nature…..... i am a follower of every perosn that i know and do not know…....... I am a follower of life…..... I am a follower of you…...... I am a follower of Usama. . . ANd by following you i expect to be united and follow me as well…............ Leaders are the tress that in the wind they show you the way. Leader is the smell of the flowers…............... Follow them and you will find happiness…..............

    Thank you USAMA and ADITI for making feel that…........

    Excellent point.

    30 Mar 2011, 00:43

  3. Hi guys,
    Usama I have to agree that it is by observing at the world around us we can gain a lot of insight. These real life people appeal to us because we can relate to them. Books can’t teach you leadership. Yes can aid in the basic understanding….

    Leaders everywhere? Leaders in shadow? Flowers are leaders too? I don’t agree on that ;)

    since everyone is sharing their idea of leadership then I believe Leaders emerge…..We all have the leadership streak in us its just that in different situations it is emphasized(becomes dominant) and sometimes goes unnoticed. But its not like everyone is a leader ALL the time …. if that was the case, then whose the leader and whose the follower how do you distinguish? And blindly following anyone and everything is it the most appropriate thing to do? I mean there needs to be a criteria! Like this following celebs would be leadership too…. the newspaper guy is a leader too. Yes I love nature and people but I won’t follow anyone blindly …. evaluate, appreciate, guide, acknowledge but most importantly “THINK” Just my thoughts :)

    30 Mar 2011, 03:21

  4. Nazish if you had the chance to follow a celebrity for improving her wouldn’t you?

    Regarding flowers and nature it is going without saying that they are the absolute leader. You call it God and you have given spiritual power, we atheists call it energy of nature…......;)

    30 Mar 2011, 03:58

  5. Vagelis,

    I have said this in class and I repeat myself again ….. there is a mother inside me who wants to help all the time, even if people don’t need it! If you ask me if I had to improve someone won’t I? I would grab the opportunity IMMEDIATELY. But follow a celebrity I am not sure! How can I improve someone by following them? :S The celebrity does not have a clue I exist, I am his/her follower, I don’t get to give positive/negative feedback …... there is NOTHING just blind follower-ship. I don’t know how I can improve hmmmmm I am confused. :S

    30 Mar 2011, 11:56

  6. I do not speak about blink ship-follower…........... I speak about helping someone. . . For example i had a friend with increadible great voice. . Also, she was hot. . . However she tried to become a singer and the system tried to exploit her (almost naked singing and all that things). . . . . . I followed her and i think i helped her a lot. . .I became part of her game to show her that this is not the way it should be. ... . . At the end she told me i thought you were my fun and it proved that i became your fun at the end. . . . . . .

    30 Mar 2011, 14:11

  7. Thankyou very much for this healthy disscusion guys. Well, I would like to add something more that although almost most of us have idols and people who influence us. For example, celebrities as discussed in class and we can have role models that we really feel are great leaders like Gandhi, Jinnah etc but we should also observe around us, we might find people that are great leaders and we can obtain greater learning by observing them as real life examples. So, I agree with all of you guys and do agree that leadership is everywhere.

    31 Mar 2011, 12:01

  8. Hi, Usama:

    It is so true that the best ways to understand and realise leaderhsip is through real life example. I also learned a lot from my mother who is one of executives in the hospital . Her leadership style actually is more like supportive leadership , and she gained many respects from her colleages. Moveover , the way she does the things has a great impact on me , and how I see if other leaders’ behaviours are qualifed . so I agree with your that throughing a real life example can actually give us some suggestions while we face the same situations.

    03 Apr 2011, 22:49

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