April 09, 2011


MBE has been a great learning experience and has developed all of us in many aspects of our personalities. At start, many of us were not even familiar with the structure and it was a different experience for all of us but now it is really amazing to see the amount of improvement that we all have had in everything. The latest example is the development and improvement of the presentation skills of people. I personally feel that there has been a huge improvement in the presentation skills of the people and we could all see that at KBAM’s presentations. But there is still some improvement needed regarding the Q&A sessions, as highlighted by Paul. People sometimes feel hesitant to answer the questions from the audience and especially the tutor and I myself have this problem. Although, I still believe that my presentation skills have improved dramatically and I have totally lost the crowd fear that I used to have in the past but there is still room for improvement when it comes to answering question.

This actually shows the importance of the healthy environment that has been created during the sessions, that no one is booed or laughed at during the presentations and that has developed immense confidence in the people including myself, who use to fear presenting more than anything else in this world and I believe that we’ll all improve the small areas for improvement that we still have, with the passage of time. In the end I just want to say “Well Done Guys”.  

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  1. yes, i believe everyone can feel their improvement during the MBE course, ont only in the presentation skills. But there’s no ending of improvement, and we are far away from excellent. For example, as Paul mentioned, we behaved totally different between presenting and answering. For me, becasue I need to finish all my slides in 2 mins and 30 seconds, so that I had to speak quickly. But when we were anwering questions, there was no limit for the time so we spoke as we did in usual. I think some students had the same problems, either. However, this may let the board feel uncomfortable and we have to find a way to solve it.

    10 Apr 2011, 23:23

  2. Yeah, that is very true. It is a continuous improvement process and although we all have become very good at presenting but still we need to improve much further as well. We could work on our answering skills because it is something that I believe we’ll all have to counter in the future. When ever you present some idea in front of your boss, manager or your collegues, you should always be prepared for some questions and obviously a good presenter is someone who knows how to defend his presented ideas, by effectively answering the questions thrown at him.

    13 Apr 2011, 13:54

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