April 05, 2011


KBAM module is a very different module, same as the previous module which was RDM. The module is based on the development of approaches for the asset and knowledge management for the same company Wave Riders that we have use din the last three modules. Its similar to RDM module because there are no lectures and teaching sessions and we haev to research on our own and come up with effective approaches for asset and knowledge management in groups and then present them to the board members. It seems a pretty tough task since we don't have a lot of information about the assets in the boat industry and some other relevant information but its a challenge for all the groups and surely will be interesting to see how different groups approach this task.

Although this module is very important in a sense that it is based on asset and knowledge management which are really important in all kinds of information and specially knowledge management because we have gone through this quote again and again that ''there is no substitute for knowledge'' so it is really important and specially in an organizational context.   

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  1. Do you think this learning style (KBAM) is better or worse that traditional modules?

    05 Apr 2011, 18:43

  2. Well, I personaly feel that there should be one or two teching session as well rather than not having them at all…but then I think that this format is right in a sense as according to our module tutor Mr. Paul Roberts ’’ we won’t get any guidance or lecturing what so ever from our bosses and CEOs’’ and he wants us to get ready for the professional carrer that we all have ahead of us…so in that sense I don’t actually have any issues with this format other than the fact that it is too challenging..:)...but I do hope that we’ll all do an ok job at this task because I don’t have any doubts regarding all of my collegue’s capabilities….

    06 Apr 2011, 02:29

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