April 24, 2011


Among all the important factors while taking a decision, there are a lot of important factors that need to be considered. A robust decsion is one which is taken by keeping in mind all the possible important issues and consequences in mind. There are different types of decision making styles that a person can have. It certainly affects the decision that he takes. People possesing decision making styles can make different decisions. For example a who is a dictator or practises power, can posses an authoritarian decison making atyle. He can come up with his own decision without even taking anyone's consultations and then impose his orders throughout the organization. People can posses a democratic style of decision making, which takes into account all the stakeholders while taking a decision. That way, it would be a decision reached by consensus within an organization. There are also chances that a decision maker does not love taking risks and does not want to try anything new, so that means he possesses a risk averse style and the opposite could be an adventurous style of decision making.

It is really imporatant to take into consideration, the decision amking styles since they have a great impact on the decisions that are to taken. Although these styles could also have some different drawbacks in some cases but still it is really imporatant to know the style while analyzing a decision because it plays an important role in the decision making process.

Through this module we have been able to know about different types of decision making styles, which will help us in the future because now since we have done a major exercise during the module and also now we have an idea that our decision making style falls under one of these catagories. So, it is imporatant to notice the style in order to adopt appropriate style in a given situation.              

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  1. hey, Usama, I wrote a bog on something very similar to… and obviously it all comes down to bias and how we handle it

    02 May 2011, 23:23

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