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May 23, 2011


I would like to give my best wishes to all the MBE class for the future and especially for our dissertation which is creeping day by day. I would also like people to pray for me as well because seriously I do think that I need a lot of prayers especially for my dissertation. I hope you guys enjoy your remaining time at warwick.

Take care people!



KBAM has been a good learning experience, the in-module and the post module work has definitely developed my learning towards asset management, different aspects of asset management and knowledge management. It was also a very interesting experience since it was the final module with the MBE class because all of us will not take OPP together and I definitely missed the final moments of the KBAM module and especially the MBE group photo moment at the end of the presentation sessions. One unusual thing that I also noticed was that during the module, people didn’t even take a single seminar although last time we had 3 to 4 seminars because maybe there was a lot to do for the in-module presentation so maybe therefore seminars were not taken although I was expecting atleast two to three seminars during the module. Altogether it was a very good module, very informative and interesting and I also enjoyed the group work during the module.


The KBAM module seems like the end of the blogging activity as well and most probably as I have heard there will be no further blogging. Blogging has been a very good experience; it is actually a very good way of expressing yourself and sharing your opinions with others. Especially for people like me, it has been a very different experience since I never thought that I would do something like this ever and through this practice my communication skills have also improved. I personally feel if it was not about marks, many of us would have not contributed into this and that actually was a good idea to attach marks with this task. I have read many people’s blogs and I think all of us have improved a lot, when it comes to writing blogs. I prefer and enjoy blogs more than wikis since it seemed double work more than anything else and was just good as a supporting tool. I would definitely not forget this experience since I have also been making world viewable enteries and this work would always be available online. So, I think it would be a really good idea to look at this sometime in the future and remember the good old MBE days, this would surely remain as a good memory of my time at Warwick.         


There are many different approaches that can be followed for knowledge management. But there are two types of approaches which are considered to be main in  the knowledge management process. The social approach and the tecnological approach. Social approach is about interaction between people, culture and other social aspects etc where as the technological aspect refers to use of tecnology such as intranet, networks, email etc for aiding the flow of knowledge. Although people are the most important part of every organization but still only following the social aspect is not beneficial in today's IT world. therefore IT plays an important role and there is need for organizations to adopt a socio-technical approach for knowledge mangement which comprises of both the social aspects and also the technological aspects as a perfect combination for knowledge sharing and development.

The socio-tecnical approach is really imporatant since it avoids the traditional knowledge managment approach for following the social perspective. IT is very effective and effecient and can definitely aid the knowledge management process but there should be a combination of both.

We can attempt to adopt the socio-technical approach of knowledge management since we all have access to technology and it is a very effective source of knowledge sharing and communication. we can use an approach which is a combination of our people and also technology for getting better results than before.        


When we talk about the role of leadership, it is always important important for organizations in all situations at every level. In case of knowledge managment, the role of leadership is of vital importance since it determines and plays an important part in the development of culture with in an organization. Effective knowledge management cannot occur without a supportive culture and proper motivation from top management and leadership. Therefore the role of the leadership in this regard is to create an atmosphere where people can communicate effectively and there are no barriers between departments. One more important role of leadership is to motivate employees so that they recognize the importance of their involvement in the knowledge creation and inplementation process.

Therefore, it can be seen that the role of leadership is of vital importance in case of knowledge managment. The knowledge management process cannot be succesful without involvement from them since they are the biggest source of influence within the organization.

We have to play our role as leaders within the knowledge managment process, if we get the chance to lead a company in the future. There is a need to play the role of a motivator and facilitator for effective flow of knowledge since it can bring our organization great success and might bring competitive advantage as well.  

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