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May 22, 2011


Since environmental management is very important, there is a need to apply knowledge to it. For organization to effectively tackle their environmental knowledge, environmental knowledge management systems are really important. They help people to gather knowledge about the environment through different procedures and that knowledge could be used to come up with a effective environmental policy for the organization. It is basically the usage of people as well as technology to handle the knowledge from different sources, regarding the environment. The databases and different types of technologies can aid organizations in gathering important information and knowledge about best practices within the industry etc and then develop a proper strategy for their organization.

These managment systems are really important since they can aid in environmental decision making and also solution to different environmental problems. It is a proper framework especially to handle the environmental issues and could be beneficial for organization.

We can use environmental knowledge management systems in our organizations to make a serious effort towards minimizing the environmental problems that would definitely bring good results for our organization.    


When we talk about approahces, there are many different environmental approaches that people use in their organizations and bussnisses. Especially in case of the environmental problems, ost of the people tend to use reactive approaches which are basically the core of all the problems since people are not very considerate towards their environment. The reactive approach is to act as a reaction to a consiquence and in this case addressing an environmental problem when it has already caused the damage. The reactive approach is not an effective approach since it not even shows the ignorance towards such important issues but is also not financially feasible for an organization. The proactive is thinking about environmental problems before hand and figuring out an appropriate solution and maybe an ecodesign at tehe designing stage so that hazards and consequences can be avoided. 

It is really important to know the treand of the people towards their environment and these approache show us that. If people care about there surroundings they will definitely adopt a proactive approach which would also help them to earn good reputation among people and would actually be cheaper and better than paying penalties afterwards.

We need to adopt a proactive approah towards the environment since it is the need of the time and a there is a need to properly plan and design products and processes before hand so that harmful effects can be eliminated.      


The term environmental technology is really new to me since terms like these are not very common in the third world developing countries. Environmental technolohy is basically technology that is environmental friendly. It is also a very common phenomena within the environmental terms and also refers to the development of technology which is in line with the environment. It is emphasized greatly all over the world considering the harmful effects of the industries on the environment. There is a strong trend to follow and develop environmnetal technologies especially in the west since the awareness is very much there among the people regarding the environmental damage caused by human activities and also its consequences.

It is really important in today's world especially when industrialization is increasing tremendously and more and more businesses are increasing their usage of advanced technology, there is a definite need to develop and use environmental technology.

For people like me, it is our duty to create awareness when we go back to our countries since it is not really there and people do not know the possible consequences that might arise out of the traditional powerful technologies. There is a need to do sustainable development, which is the core of environmental technology.


Organizational knowledge management system is a framework for the management of the flow of knowledge within an organization. It act as a good tool for gathering the explicit and implicit knowledge and then use them to innovate and improve. It emphaiszes the adoption of a socio-technical approach for organizations to manage their knowledge effectively. Therefore an emphasis is not only on the culture, people but only on technological perspectives. It combines organizational learning with knowledge managment and the usage of technological tools as intranet, databases to gather and implement effctive knowledge. Although the social aspect is very very important but it still highlights the technological perspective to aid the social aspect and in todays world tecnology has become inevitble.

the importance of organizationalknowledge management can be seen by the fact that helps organization to developnew opportunities for improvement and growth. Since the knowledge is the key ingredient for improvement and innovation, that is why a knowledge managemnet system has to be in place for an organization to succeed.

We should definitely create awareness about the importance of knowledge management and knowledge management systems within the organizations, which could also be a source of competitive advantage.   


There have been a lot of ISO standards in the past which have been adopted by many companies around the world. They basically certify the companies who comply with their claws. The ISO 1401 is an environmental management standard. It is basically a guidline for the industrial and business people to improve their environmental practices and cary out more more safer activities. It acts as a framwork for the organizations to follow, so that they can know about the problems and the restrictations when it comes to environmental problems, emmisions, pollution etc. The certified companies not only get a certificate to satisfy their customers but it also enhances their public and industrial image and helps to increase their customer loyalty since due to the severe environmental problems today people want to deal with environmentally concious organizations. It is also a part of a requirement in many countries for organizations to carryout their activities.

It is a very important standard since it helps organizations to become more environmental concious and friendly and act as a framework for them to follow and improve their activities. Many companies try to follow the standard since it is a good way of enhancing their public image and is beneficial for them in the long run.

We can use this standard in the future as a guidance to meet the environmental requirements and minimize the emmisions and waste fromk our processes. Therefore it is a effective environmental management approach.


Eco-design is an approach which empohasizes on the development of products with the minimum environmental degradation. It helps to design the products considering the environmental aspect and therefore the main focus is on the designing stage and is a proactive approach that is more beneficial since lot of the problems even start from the designing stage. It takes into account the whole life cycle of the product from its designing till the disposal so that their is no harm caused by the product to the environment through out that period. Design for envieonment and eco-design, both have more or less the same motives which is to be considerate to the environment. It makes sure that harmful materials are not used, minimum emmisions are done and therefore helps to minimize the effects of a product on the environment. It is being adopted by many organizations and has brought good results for the environment.

It is a very important technique since the motive is to design greener products and keep the environment safe from the harmful effects of the business activities. Since, it aids to monitors the product in respect of its whole life cycle therefore it is a more useful technique than many other approaches.

This approach can definitely be adopted by organizations to minimize its emmisions and keep its processes safe and it can definitely help them to make more greener products and fulfill their duties towrds the environment. We can definitely use this technique in the future as an eefective approach towards environmental management.    

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