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May 20, 2011


While applying knowledge management within an organizations, different aspects can be taken into consideration. Although knowledge management is simply gatheration of knowledge from different internal and external sources, sharing it with the organizational members and then applying that knowledge to innovate and improve. The knowledge could be gathered through the interaction between people of the organizationa and it is also shared among them. There are two types of knowledge; tactic and explicit. Tactic knowledge is one that reffers to mental models and what is inside the minds of teh employees whereas teh explicit is the one that is recorded and already available. Although, the knowledge can be gathered through the social aspect but it could also be gathered through technology. Through the use of networks and other mediums like intranets that can act as knowledge transfer mediums. The more preferred approach  that teh organizations foolow today is the combination of both the social aspect as well as the technological aspect. Since technology is a very effective medium for communication and sharing therefore it is very popular and used widely in today's world.

There is a need for organizations to consider the technological aspect as well since it has become inevitable. It is the need of the time to adopt a socio-technical approach for knowledge management within organizations.

People should realize the importance of knowledge management and especially the use of effective techniques that can aid the process of knowledge gathering and implementation, for the purpose of organizational growth and success.          


Design for environment is an approach that was developed for the minimization and reduction of pollution and other environmental hazards from the products and processes. It was also designed to minimize the emissions during the manufacturing process and reduce the waste and scrap that is created. It also takes into consideration the health and safety aspect. DFE is also targeted towards the safety of the environment and encourages the idea of designing the products with lesser and non toxic materials, safer packaging, reduce the energy usage and increasing the environmental friendly features instead of that. It also helps to achieve the management goals along with no negative environmental impacts. Since more and more awareness has been created regarding the environmental issues and the by products of those issues therefore the programs like design for environment are being appreciated and followed by many businesses and industries.

The importance of this program can be seen through the fact that it is playing an important role in the environmental protection and many large multinational organizations like HP, IBM are using it as a framework for designing safer products. Therefore the design for environment approach and its tools can be used to make products and services that not only meet organizational objectives but also environmental expectations.     


Life cycle assessment is basically an approach that is adopted to counter the environmental impacts that might occur due to that product. It helps to assess the product's harmful impacts throughout its life cycle, from the product designing stage till the time when it gets disposed. So, it helps to monitor the impacts that the product might cause to the surrounding throughout its life cycle. It has four phases: goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation. It is also known as the cradle to grave approach and is helps to improve product and process through indepth monitoring.

It is a very important technique especially in case of environmental mangement because its main purpose is to keep the environmental perspective in tact through out the life cycle of a product. It definitely helps to reduce and minimize the harmful impacts and is used all over as an imporatant tool for effective environmental management. So, it can be used as an effective tool for policy making and as a decision support tool.   

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