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May 19, 2011


Since, I have chosen the environmental management aspect out of all the asset management aspects for Wave Riders. So, now I have to link the knowledge management aspect with environmental management and show that how the environmental management for Wave Riders can be improved and can achieve excellence through the application of knowledge management process. I have got to learn a lot about different environmental management practices through my research and also about many aspects of the knowledge management process. For effective knowledge management to take place we have to put in place an effective knowledge management framework. Through that framework we can gather data regarding the environmental problems and practices and then apply them according to our company's scenario.

I think this is an important PMW since we have got the chance to do in depth research on our choice of asset management aspect and then also have to put knowledge management into play to improve the environmental aspect.

This knowledge about different aspects of asset management will help us in our future to improve our company's asset management practices and the combination of knowledge management along with that, will definitely improve the results even further.      


The environmental management is basically about how we can keep our environment as safe as possible and protect it through different potential threats. The human activities are causing great damage to the environment and with the increase in industrialization, the situation is becoming even more alarming. Global warming is also a phinomenon that has been caused through dangerous human activities. So, when we look it in an organizational context the environmental management is basically about reducing harmful wastes, using harmless raw materials and developing safer processes. Through environmental management practices we can reduce the effect of human activities to our environment and that is why many companies around the globe are now starting to act upon the environmental threats that have been caused through their own actions.

The environmental management is a really imporatant approach since it helps to make the environment safe and helps to protect it from different possible threats. Therefore, it is really necessary to realise the importance of this practice since it is inevitable in today's world.

Through learning about different environmental problems we can certainly make our organizational processes more safer and environmentla friendly and also increase the awareness among the people of our organization to fulfill our duties towards our environment.         

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