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April 09, 2011


On the final day of the KBAM module, Vagelis came up with the idea of establishing a MBE blog/forum, where the MBE people could keep in touch and discuss their issues, when they enter their professional lives. The idea was to help each other with the real life issues and seek each other's guidance. I thought it was a very good idea since it could be really helpful in the future when we enter our professional carrers, it would be really helpful to discuss your real life business issues with your old mates. I strongly support this idea and I think this could work. I would definitely request to take this idea ahead and implement it, so that we all could get benefit in the future. But still this is throughly my personal opinion and the majority should decide whether they want something like that or not.             


           Friday 8th of April, was maybe the final day with the whole of the MBE-B and almost an end to which has been a great journey and a learning experience. Although, previously I felt that it would be a sigh of relief to get done with the modules but immediately after the end of the session, I felt I am really going to miss all of this. Because for many this would have been just another experience because they have been use to this kind of environment and structure but for me it was a life changing experience. It was really great to meet many good people from different nationalities and work with them. All the people were really humble, passionate and supportive. Now, we have to work individually on our PMAs and dissertation and I am definitely going to miss all the sessions and the group work that we have done in MBE. I wish everyone best of luck for their remaining PMAs and dissertation and would definitely like to know other people’s experiences regarding the MBE journey. See you guys in OPP.


MBE has been a great learning experience and has developed all of us in many aspects of our personalities. At start, many of us were not even familiar with the structure and it was a different experience for all of us but now it is really amazing to see the amount of improvement that we all have had in everything. The latest example is the development and improvement of the presentation skills of people. I personally feel that there has been a huge improvement in the presentation skills of the people and we could all see that at KBAM’s presentations. But there is still some improvement needed regarding the Q&A sessions, as highlighted by Paul. People sometimes feel hesitant to answer the questions from the audience and especially the tutor and I myself have this problem. Although, I still believe that my presentation skills have improved dramatically and I have totally lost the crowd fear that I used to have in the past but there is still room for improvement when it comes to answering question.

This actually shows the importance of the healthy environment that has been created during the sessions, that no one is booed or laughed at during the presentations and that has developed immense confidence in the people including myself, who use to fear presenting more than anything else in this world and I believe that we’ll all improve the small areas for improvement that we still have, with the passage of time. In the end I just want to say “Well Done Guys”.  


Intrusion detection system (IDS) is one of the most effective methods for the protection of the important organizational information. It is an application that helps to monitor system activities for the protection of the system from unauthorized access and misuse. It is a very useful application and is used by many organizations worldwide. It was mostly used in large organizations before due to high price and also small organizations not choosing to spend much on system security but now it is also used in small organizations. It is a very efficient tool since password protection and other old techniques are not as effective as they used to be and protect data from theft and misuse. It helps to identify possible issues, monitor the usage of system and report the activities to the security administrators.

So, it is really important since it protects important organizational information and maintains data security and can be used in the future for effective data protection.


In one of the KBAM sessions, we had to play the role of a consultancy to advise the government. The situation was like, the elections were very near and the government wanted to become popular and it also wanted to implement a strategy to reduce global warming. Our task was to help the government to take the right decisions to create awareness among people, reduce global warming through their actions and also increase their popularity for the incoming elections. A wrong decision could also affect all of these factors. It was a pretty unique exercise since we had to take decisions according to our knowledge and some given data and the consequences were very unpredictable. Although, we thought that we were not doing a great job as a group but in the end we got to know that the other groups were struggling as well.

It was a very good exercise since we learned a lot about decision making and also about different techniques and strategies that are being practiced throughout the world for the reduction of global warming and we also got to know that to what extent one's decisions can put an impact on the other's position like in this case was the government.


Situation awareness is about being aware of what is going around. It is the cause of many accidents that happen around us because people are not attentive and don’t observe things happening in their surroundings. There were also a lot of examples given during the session, regarding the situation awareness which showed that how people get into a lot of trouble just because of not being aware of the things happening around them. There are three stages of situation awareness which include gather, interpret and anticipate. They further include errors like memory error, incorrect mental model and anticipation errors etc. So, people don’t pick up the right information and try to come up with their own conclusions. Lot of information and stress can also affect the awareness.

So, the situation awareness is really important since people do human errors because of not being aware of things and fall into great trouble. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and as future leaders, we should try to be develop situation awareness because it is more important for leaders as they have to lead and it is also important for us to develop this into our people.


The structure of KBAM’s presentations was different because for the first time we had been given the role of board of directors for a company. Our duty was to listen to the proposals of the consultancy company regarding our company, ask any questions if we had relating to the proposals and judge the performance. We were given assessment forms to judge the performance of the consultancy company and also rate it in the end and seemed like a real life situation where we had to play the role of board members. Although it was a very difficult task since we had to judge other people’s performance and rate them, which is surely not very easy job and I didn’t enjoy it either but the fact is that we all have to play these kind of roles in the future where we’ll have to judge different people and so we should be ready for that.

It was a really important exercise since we had the chance to judge other’s performance for the first time and it will definitely help us in the future as we will counter these kind of situations and basically this is what MBE is all about, to prepare us for the real life problems and situations that are right at the brink.


I have been emphasizing about the learning that has been gained through the work of other groups and its importance throughout the MBE and there were also very good learning points during this module. Everyone did a really good job with their presentations and there were many ideas presented by different groups on Friday relating to the asset and knowledge management. One of the standout ideas according to me was the development of an intranet with an organization, for effective knowledge management. I really liked the thought by one of the groups and especially the way it was presented. It looked pretty impressive and was a very good learning point that it could be a good option for effective knowledge management.

This once again highlights the importance of learning that is generated through other people’s work and the credit goes to our tutor Mr. Paul Roberts, who has created an effective learning environment where people learn from each other and present new ideas and no one is discouraged on whatever they do.I think intranet is very good option for communication between different people and departments. It can help people to share ideas and work as a group effectively.        


KBAM module, like all the MBE modules has been a knowledge development journey. During the module, we have been able to look at different approaches for asset and knowledge management and have got to know about their importance. There has been an effective development of knowledge through learning from different people within the group. Although all were allocated specific parts to prepare because of the depth of the material in hand but still we got learn a lot through our group members working at different other parts. For instance, I was concentrating on the security part but still now I have learned a great deal about other parts as the facility management, health and care, environmental management etc through my colleagues. We also got to learn through other group’s presentations on the presentation day and all of this is the bits of knowledge that we have been able to develop during this module.

The structure of the module played an important role in the learning process because there was a vast amount of literature to cover and we had to go about it in ourselves without even knowing the basic concepts. So, while preparing for the presentation, we learned a lot in the process. 


There has been a lot of discussion regarding the usage of the ‘Wikis’ at different times. I think the wiki is a very effective tool, which can certainly help groups coordinate their work better but it actually depends on how a group chooses to use the tool. The usage depends from group to group because if a certain group chooses to meet often rather than using the wiki than its usage would definitely be less. The groups that distribute work among different people and do not meet really often, the wiki is really helpful for them. Our group used the wiki during the module really well and it really helped us to develop our ideas and approach towards creating the presentation. It has been a really good decision not to use wiki to judge people because now they only use it if they chose to and this certainly helps them more because previously they might be putting data just for the sake of it.

It is a very important tool for the accumulation of data and idea development. A group can use it effectively to come up with different ideas relating to their task or project. It is certainly very effective if there is a situation where members cannot meet very often and provides them a common working space to share their ideas. It could also be used in an organizational context in the future by developing a wiki especially for a group of people in different regions, working together as a group on some task.



We have seen the importance of group work throughout MBE experience. The group work experience during the module was again a very good experience with a lot to learn. The most important role within the group is the role of the leader. We were lucky that we a very good leader, who was very devoted, helpful and led from the front. The group work was very well coordinated and everyone played their part and contributed well during the preparation period. We divided work and allocated different parts to different people in the group and then combined it all together to come up with the final presentation. There was healthy interaction between the members and everyone was welcomed to share their ideas. I must say this has been one of the best group work experiences that I have had so far and was surely a very good example of effective group work according to me.

Group work is really important in a sense that it helps to create very effective ideas that an individual cannot come up with by himself. There were times when I thought that we might get stuck at something but it never happened because every time someone came up with a very good idea and it all got sorted out. This basically shows us the importance of group work and we should definitely encourage group in our organization sin the future, whether as leaders of the organizations or the whole organization or as the leader of some department because it definitely brings better results and ideas than the individual work.


KBAM has been a thoroughly challenging and different experience from its learning style to its presentation structure. First time in the whole of MBE, we were suggested to wear formal clothes for presenting and almost all of the groups did formal dressing accept our group. The presentation format was very different in a way that this was the first time that we had to present to the board members of a company rather than the normal audience and also had to answer their questions. Although, few of our colleagues were performing the role of board members but still the whole experience was like we were actually presenting in front of some real company board members. There was also some difference in the self-assessment process and for also for the first time, one of other groups got the chance to judge the presentation as board members. It was also a very good experience to look at the other people’s perspective regarding the asset management and knowledge management recommendations for the company. There were a lot of learning points in other people’s work as well.

I must say that all of the presentations were really good and I really liked the new format of the presentations since it seemed very professional and is certainly a practice for future. We might have to give these kinds of presentations in our organizations along with Q&A sessions and this will definitely help us to take up the challenge in the future.     


A company has many tangible and intangible assets. One of the most important assets with the company is the information asset, which is the important data and information that is present within the organization regarding its products, processes and system. Different companies have different processes and system. Some have effective processes than the others. So, the information relating to the company’s products, process is basically an evidence of a company’s competitive advantage, which clearly highlights its importance.

Its importance even increases further if there is some data or information based company like some IT companies etc. So, we should realize the importance of the information asset and try to protect it from misuse, modification or theft. We should encourage our companies to guard their information assets and put effective techniques in place to guard them since a company cannot even operate and run without different important organizational information, related to their functions.



Security management is of the aspects of an organization’s assets management. It is equally important for both the tangible and the intangible assets of the organization. There could be many different solutions to the security problems that an organization might face. We had to propose different security steps to the Wave Riders board of directors for their physical assets like the machinery, plant, building etc and also for the information security. The physical assets are the assets which are used for carrying out company’s operations, so it is very important to protect them from theft and unauthorized usage. The important information within the organization’s databases and systems should also be protected since it is also a very important asset for the company for e. g the designs and other important product information.

The importance of security cannot be neglected irrespective of the size of the organizations. So, we should emphasize on the importance of security within our organization and should try to make it as effective as possible. This module will certainly help us in taking the appropriate actions since we have learned a lot about different security techniques through our research during this exercise and we have also got to know the importance of them in case of asset management.    


We have seen the importance of the asset management how we can manage our assets effectively through different aspects like facility management, resource utilization, security, health and care etc. The knowledge management is also very important and is interlinked with asset management and poor management of one can affect the other and the overall result of the organization. Knowledge management is concerned with strategies and policies to management all the knowledge that is generated through organizational processes and practices. The flow of knowledge is really important within an organization and it brings continuous innovation and as a result competitive advantage. It is a process that looks into how the knowledge is generated in the first place and then helps in the development of strategies and plans to store distribute and implement that knowledge within an organization.

The knowledge management is really important since it brings competitive advantages and continuous improvement within an organization. A company with a poor knowledge management system can never be as effective as a company with an excellent system. So, we should highlight the importance of knowledge and knowledge management system when we enter any organization whether it is of any size because knowledge management is important for all kinds of organizations. It will definitely bring good results for our organization and will help it to achieve excellence in the future.     

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