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April 04, 2011


In todays world, the people that have the most power to influence people are the celebrities. They have media as their biggest weapon which can even paint black into white. There was a discussion whether the celebrities influence people's thinking in one of the sessions. I wented to take part in that discussion but couldn't do it because of a lot of people participating. I personaly think they have a huge impact on people's thinking and through their glamour and influence they can drag people anywhere. I have seen celebrities fo the weardest things on TV and live shows that could have a very negative impact on people and espacially teenagers but they tend to folloe them blindly without even thinking. I personaly feel that blindly following celebs is not the right thing becasue I think that they have their own particular agenda that they are following and they want people to follow that as well. A celebrity promoting drugs on TV or in a movie may even cause some teenager his life, who might even start drugs after watching him do so. 

So, influences can be positive or negative and it is really important to judge the intention of the idol and role models that one follows becasue that is the most important thing. I think that due to todays influencial media, celebs have even become much better influencers and leaders than some of the biggest leaders of all times.       


When we talk about leadership, for some it is an opportunity to lead and control people. Some take leadership as a role by which people can be influenced and transformed into better human beings. Different people take leadership in different way and really depends upon what they know about the role, their personality and how they think. Dominating people may takeup leadrship as a way to dominate and dictate people. The people who want to change the society and bring a change, can take the role of leadrship as means to bring a revolution and create a positive change in the society. For example people like Jinnah took the role of leadership, influenced people and brought about a revolution which resulted in a seperate nation for the people and people like hitler used leadership in a different way.

So, leadership is a very important role which can be played by different people in a different way and can bring different results as well. Because influential and chrismatic leaders have the power to drag people to almost opposite directions.      


There are many imporatant roles that leaders perform when they are leading. For example motivating the employees, decision making, problem solving etc but the most imporatant role the leadership should perform according to me is to develop system thinking. It is the basis for everything according to me, with in an organization's context. System thinking is the also the basis for effective communication, which leads to success in th long run. The leaders should encourage system thinking because it leads to greater motivation and team work, as people work together for the common cause. The quality guru Deming also emphasized the importance of system thinking and prompted leadrs to develop system thinking within their organization.

System thinking is very important as it leads to the achievement of the vision of the organization as a whole and people avoid individual goal setting and work for the greater goal, which is the organizational goal.

So, we should constitute system thinking in our organization as the first step as leaders because that transforms the organization as a family and peopl work together as a gruop.       


The leadership PMA was as interesting as the leadership module itself because it was the first module in which there was no proper way to attempt the question and so there anyone could attempt it in anyway. The post module assignment was although pretty confusing as there was no confirmation of whether how many theories would be suffecient to coach the leaders. The most positive point is that during the PMW, we have been able to learn about many leadership theories and so the experience has been really good. But doing the post module assignment was actually tackling a real life problem as said by Paul. We had to make assumptions on our own and had to coach according to that.   

This will help us in the future, as we now have an idea about many of the important theories. So, it will help us to pick up the right one according to the situation. Different leadership theories may be effective in different situations according to different people. 

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