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April 03, 2011


Transactional leadership is a type of ledership which emphasizes of rewards and gains in return for performance. Transactional leaders also influnce employees just like the transformational leaders but the difference is that the transformational leaders don't believe on rewards. The transactional leaders set goals for people, they also clerify the outcomes and also provide them feedback. The goals are set and the employees are asked to achieve those goals but they don't attempt to encourage and motivate people to achieve much more than that and that keeps their approach stagnant and their responsibility is not increased. So, they just work for a specific goal, a reward and it limits their involvement in the work.

So, it is imporatant to know that the rewards and monetary gains are not very important and beneficial as they make people work as much as to get the reward and does not improve the quality of their work. So, we should try to motivate people to take the best out of them, should encourage them and involve them in work and should avoid monetary rewards.    


Development of vision statement is the most important and initial step among all the organizational activities. It is the purpose of existance for an organization and acts as a framework for the development of plans and strategies. The poicies are made in line with the vision statement. The leadership plays an important role in the development of both the vision statement and the policies. Both the top level management and also the middle level management are involved in these activities. Different strategies are made at each department level for the achievment of the vision, by keeping the over all organizational picture into mind. The employees also play an imporatant role in this regard because they are the actual vehicle through which all of the goals and targets are achieved. The top leaders and directors just provide the employees guidance to work for the achievement of the company wide goals.

The vision statement is a really imporatant statememnt and framework that helps in the achievment of future organizational goals. Its importance can be seen by the fact that it presents the future of the organization, which the organization wants to achieve. 

So, when ever we try to develop a vision for our own organization, we should keep that in mind that since it is the framework for all the policies and strategies, it should be well thought out and achievable. The policies should be made in accordance with that vision and then the people should be motivated to achieve that vision.  


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