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May 02, 2011


Throughout this module we have come across many different decision making tools that can be used for effective decision making. Although all of these tools are equally important but still there are some tools that be used very easily by us in the future. I would like to mention that there are some tools that did seem very difficult like the decision tree etc but still they can be used with the assistance of someone but there are still some tools that can be used easily by us and they don’t need any deep understanding and extraordinary skills to use. The main essence of learning about all of these tools was to actually have an idea about what they are about so that we have an idea about what is going around when someone is using them within our company. But still many tools such as Grid analysis, Trade-off analysis and SWOT are among the few that can easily be used by us in the future and are very important and effective as well.

We can certainly look into all of these tools and can definitely find a few easy ones that can be used in the future. Since we already know the importance of many of these tools and how they can benefit organizations.

This can definitely help us in the future since we can many simple tools in our organization and can somehow take the first step towards improvement. We can definitely learn about other difficult tools with the passage of time as well.


Decision making is among the most important tasks whether it is any aspect of life. Many decisions especially many important ones are made very randomly without giving any sort of consideration and importance but yield very bad results because decision making has become a very important responsibility and activity in today’s world. People have to look at several different aspects and factors while even taking a decision and this is what a robust decision is all about. A robust decision is one which is taken after considering all the important points and factors and then coming up with an appropriate choice of a decision. Especially within an organizational context it has become so important that a lot of efficient and effective tools have been specially designed for guiding leaders in different complex situations to come up with a decision which is as robust as possible.

We can see the importance of robust decisions by considering the fact that in today’s competitive world even one wrong decision can drag a company into great turmoil and can make it bankrupt. So, this highlights the importance of robust decision making and shows that decision making as important as any other task within an organization.

In future, when we enter our professional carrier we need to highlight the importance of robust decision making and that it is absolutely necessary in today’s world and play an important role in organizational success or failure.


There is something that I noticed after the module week which I would specially like to mention is that the feedback and the presentation scores came out right after the in-module work ended. I think it was really important and it made us see where we stood after the in-module work. It was also a lot of encouragement espacially because we immediately got the marks for our bloging as well. Its not just about the marks its actually about motivation as well. If you have got the marks for your contribution in the presentations and the blogs then you already know whether you have done enough or not and you actually prepare yourself for the PMA. If one gets good marks in bloging than he gets motivation to blog more as well because he knows that his effort has paid off and it is worth it. Although I agree it is about the learning but sometimes you do need to know where you stand and I think the feedback for this module has been really timely and quick, which I am sure would have helped a lot of people.

I think the feedback is really important because it is sort of a confidence boaster for you and makes you try even harder if it is according to your expectation. Many people may not agree with my opinion but this is how I actually think about this.  

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