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May 01, 2011


Leadership is the most important role within an organization. It plays a vital role in its success and even in its failure as well. When it comes to taking important strategic decisions, the leadership play a very important role. It is the duty of the leadership to provide direction to the people of the organization and develop an environment that encourages participation and involvement. Decision making itself is not the duty of employees themselves but actually it is actually the responsibility of the leaders to reach decisions by also taking into consideration different view points. I believe that the decison that is taken solely without any proper discussion is kind of an enforcement and is surely not a well thought out step. A discussion can result into exposure to different perspectives, pros and cons that would definitely help the leader to reach a much better conclusion and therefore a good robust decision.

The role of leadership is very important in the decision making process and but it is not the only one. The other people also need to play a proper part. So, it is very important to perform the proper leadership role that can help to reach a collaborative and an effective decision as well.

So, as the leaders of the future, we need to understand our roles as leaders and try to indulge people in decision making and encourage participation. Effective decision making can only occur through involvement of the leaders themselves and also the other people of the organization as well.       


We are all aware of the importance of the decision making. The process of decision making is maong one the most important processes within an organization espacially when it is a complex situation which is full of uncertainity. For a decision to be effective the decision making process has definitely got to be very powerful and structured. While taking a decision, there are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration. For example there are many different important factors that are attached with the alternative or decision itself, that need to be very well considered. There may also be chances of falling for different biases, while taking a decision. So. there should an effort to avoid all biases that may occur within the decision making process. There is also a need to consider potential consequences of taking a decision. If we know the different consequences that may occur, it makes the decision even more effective and robust. So, there should always be proper knowledge of both, the positives and the negatives of taking a certain decision. 

It is very important to improve the decision making process, since it plays a vital role in the future of the organizations espacially when it is strategic decision making. One of the major difference between organizations is their decision making process.

We need to highlight the importance of effective decision making and the decision making process since it plays a vital role in the success of every organization. So, we need to preach the idea of having a structured decision making process in the future, which is inevitable in today's world. It can create all the difference in the future. 


SWOT analysis is among the most widely used tools within organizations for highlighting internal and external situation pertaining to the organization. The Internal as the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations and the external as the opportunities and threats that the organizations have. So, it is a very simple and helpful method to identify different opportunities for organizations to work on for its overall improvement and also helps to tackle the threats that may damage its health. It is also very necessary for the organizations to monitor their strong and weak points with the passage of time in order to cope with the changing environment. SWOT is a very helpful tool that helps to develop successful strategies within organizations. Therefore, it is a very important tool when it comes to organizational decision making.

It is a very important technique since it provides the organization with a proper picture of the current health of the organization and that forms the basis for strategy development and decision making. It is a very effective tool to judge the internal capabilities of the organization and the limitations that are present as weaknesses. So, it can help the organizations to come up with the right decision because of the awareness with the current situation and can also help them to take the best out of the future opportunities and tackle the future threats aswell.      


Soft systems methodology is a very different type of technique to make decisions. It helps to tackle real life complex issues by providing a structure for them. It is based on seven steps. It is not a single run process and does not guarantee a proper solution by going through the process once but it keeps on repeating until an acceptable solution has been reached. It is based on systems thinking and is based on the view point that different individuals see and interpret the world differently and therefore they will reach to different conclusions while handling different situations. It does not provide single right solution but it is rather based on learning and helps to reach an acceptable action path.

It is avery important technique since it helps to handle complex real life situations in a different manner than the traditional tools and is based on learning and participation for reaching a decision. It provides a structure to reach a solution and a direction towards solving an issue.

So, we can use methodology in the future if we want to tackle and breakdown different complex situations and reach a successful action plan.  


Among the many decision making tools available, grid analysis is one of the most easiest tools. It is very helpful in situations where you have some different options to chose from and also have to consider many important factors that are attached with those options and are necessary to consider. We write different alternative options in rows and put the related important factors into columns and then assign them wait according to their importance. The option with the highest score is chosen as the final decision. So, therefore this technique helps to chose from different options and is among the most simplest methods for taking a step-wise dicision. 

It is a very important method because it takes into consideration many different factors and therefore helps to reach a robust and well thought out decision and it is also very important and almost inevitable to reach a decision without taking into consideration the factors that could play a vital role in the future.

We can definitely use this technique in the future for making important decision with modest effort. It helps to chose the best alternative among many and is used widely for decision making all over.       

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