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April 01, 2011


EFQM model is a very effective framework for businesses to achieve excellence. It was developed to increase the efficiency of the European companies. It consists of five enablers and four results. One of the most important criteria in the EFQM model is the leadership criteria. It is among the most important since the first enabler is leadership which shows its importance. The role of leadership according to the excellence model is that the leadership plays an important role in the management of the people of the organization and it is also vital when it comes to resources and development of policy and strategy. Since the EFQM model is influenced by the philosophy and teachings of the quality guru Deming, therefore it has greatly emphasized on the role of leadership in an organization.

So, we can judge the importance of leadership by looking at the European excellence model. Effective leadership is the most vital and important thing when it comes to organizational success because the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole system and also the employees, is based on the leadership quality.


One of the simulations that we did during the leadership module was the hotel management simulation. In that simulation, we had to run a hotel business. First of all there was a selection of leaders among all the group members in each group and then we were given the task to choose the best possible site for a hotel according to the availability of facilities. We had to look at all the departments like the finance, marketing, HR etc. The role of leader was to involve all the team members and take them along during all the decision making process. They were asked to lead in whatever leadership style they wanted to or maybe we can say their own leadership style.

It was a really good exercise since it felt like handling a real life problem within some real company because everyone was given some role like HR manager, marketing manager etc. The most important thing is that, whenever you are in a team as a follower you get to learn a lot through your leader and his behavior and style as a leader. So, there was a lot to learn and we also got to know quite more about the hotel industry.

All of these exercises will help us in our future carriers because the problems were real life and we also had to come up with practical solutions. It all seemed like a real life environment.   


Deming regarded by many as the quality guru, has established a lot of methods and guidelines for managers and leaders to handle organizations effectively. Deming has emphasized on the role of top leadership as the basis for success for any organization. He has described the role of leadership as the motivators, guiders and helpers and not as dominators and dictators. The 14 points and the system of profound knowledge are excellent guidelines for leaders to lead effectively and have brought great results when applied in the Japanese industries post World War period. Basically, leadership was one of the most important points that Deming has emphasized on and according to him the leadership has to have sound knowledge of the system and also the variation that is present within the system.

So, if we follow Deming theories and follow his precious guidelines we can establish effective leadership and gain success in the future because if the leaders play the role of a mentor, train people around them and try to take the best out of the workforce, which can prove to be more or less the perfect formula for success.

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