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September 21, 2006

Back in harness

Writing about web page

This is my first full week back after summer holidays and a few conferences – and I’ve been catching up with reading everyone’s blog, and writing my own (it’s on the link above).

If anyone’s got a query about the podcasting maybe you could add it as a comment here so we can share it with everyone. It’s just intended as an optional extra to help you publicise your research (and yourself) and we can attract some more interest in the URSS. All a podcast really is is a short audio file, and there’s systems at Warwick for adding that audio file to a webpage and RSS feeds. Anyway – have a play with a digital recorder and see what you come up with. If you don’t have a digital recorder pop in to CAP and you can use one of ours.

I don’t really have much to comment on the blogs. The only vaguely intellectual comment I was planning on making was in response to Sparsh saying she’d seen Superman Returns. I was planning a discussion of Superman not being a very dramatic protagonist because of his invulnerability – then realised that if the best I could do was analyse Superman movies I’d probably be better of staying quiet. I hope you’ve all found the process of doing the URSS really useful. I’m loking forward to hearing more about it on the 11th Oct (and from your podcasts too).

September 12, 2005

Adding tags

Just in case you're confused by the new "create blog entry" layout, instead of categories we now have tags. To add the tag there's a list of them between the text box and the box for writing the tag in. Just click on your name and it's done. Adding the tag will mean you can pull out all the entries that are just by you.

August 04, 2005

return to Warwick

Just got back from a couple of holidays – one tagged on to a conference (on video and videoconferencing – see photo) the other on to a family get-together (my partner's family). So I've been touring Tennessee and Tipperary. It's good to see everyone blogging away. I'm here now for the rest of the summer so remember, if you need any help with anything, or advice, just email Andrew or me and we'll do what we can.

OK I admit – there's not much to see on video and videoconferencing there – in fact it's the Jack Daniel's distillery.

June 22, 2005

what;s the point of blogs?

Writing about web page

The galleries are now set up. You won't see them listed on the left until there's images in them, but if you click on "upload an image" then you'll see your name in the list of galleries.

Some blogs can be quite interesting here's one from a contestant in the global challenger race

Also two that are now published as books:

things my girlfriend and i have argued about

belle de jour

May 10, 2005

Getting started

Sorry this has taken so long to get set up – for some reason the blogs admin took two weeks to make the blog live rather than the two days it normally takes. I think I must have been forgotten about. The same happens in restaurants. I'm sitting there surrounded by waiting staff and suddenly it seems like I've turned invisible. Assertiveness training, anyone?

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