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September 23, 2005


Just printed out a forest of notes, 50,000 words, 250,000 characters, 290,000 if you count spaces. Sorry trees.

Just got to carry it home now! ouch.

I'm not totally sure what i've created, but i'm sure it'll be useful somehow, no it will. If nothing else if you have a really wobbly table…

Very excited though, my last afternoon, finished the research yesterday, so it was literally just a printing out day, plus i', going for drinks with the office after work too, so that is always good.

So now, combined with my week 12 thought, and a couple of photographs i have a huge resource of information, i still have to turn some of it into knowledge though. I would really like the connecting histories project to be able to use it, some how. I certainly think it is a unique document, and i don't mean that in an arrogant way, the material may not be original but its never been put together like this before, and there is actually some pretty original (in the sense no one else has seen it to rearrange it) stuff in there.

And like i mentioned above, i've got some sociological theories to whack in between great big chunks of raw produce. Its gonna be a big fat sandwich of a

very excited, still got bucket loads to do and term is starting, i could have become a man obsessed, nevertheless i'm not stopping till i feel like its finished, should anyone like to pay me (ESRF, some private body/ charity) for my new hobby feel free to post a comment!

And term is starting which is also very exciting.

September 16, 2005

End of week 11

Only did two days at the end of this week, due to my holiday in week 10.

Finished one huge book of newspaper cuttings, and started the last book of them, which i'm now 1/3 of the way through. Pleased but still have a lot to do.

I'm going to continue this project once university has started again, although I will change tack from black histroy to a more pedagogical view of archive and archival research, and that i hope will be my dissertation, aslo feeding into my Csap project.

Hopefull will be getting the second half of my funding soon, and although its not as much as URSS were giving me, its plenty to make summer worthwhile both in monetary and acadmic terms. infcact this second lot of money will mean i can go on the sociology trip next year, which is good.

Very tired right now, as it is closing time on friday afternoon. I'm off home after this, and then i'm moving some more stuff into my new home in tile hill. Already got books and some furniture there, taking kitchen stuff, my swivel chair, some decorations and my TV down tonight. O and some clothes.

I'm still coming to terms with tags, can't decide if it was better before, i'm slightly swayed to better before at the moment, but that prob cause i felt like i knew what i was doing more, a bit more practise and i'll forgot there ever was a prior way to do it!

Only a week to go, where did it go? So much work to do this year, i really want to get a first, didn;t do great in 2nd yaer, need some serious exit velocity. This project has been good practise for gettting up and out of bed, and doing work. Hopefully i can maintain this routine, at least give myself a chance of getting the marks i want!

September 12, 2005

Adding tags

Just in case you're confused by the new "create blog entry" layout, instead of categories we now have tags. To add the tag there's a list of them between the text box and the box for writing the tag in. Just click on your name and it's done. Adding the tag will mean you can pull out all the entries that are just by you.

September 05, 2005

Week 10 Monday

I'm only going to be in Monday this week, because of my holiday on wednesday, and my need to pack etc. I also have a meeting on tuesday morning with a csap person (other project).

Very excitied, could have some gallery pictures at last!

I also would like to complain about now being 22 (my birthday was on saturday) and I can't even pretend to be a teenager anymore! Went to southend over the weekend, for a party etc which was nice, and eased the pain of aging so fast.

September 02, 2005

week 9

It's Firday morning, the earliest I've ever managed to be in the library for. And I'm very happy.

Very happy for several reasons:

  1. I've finally let go the idea of that hand scanner being of any use, and its packaged up ready to be sent back to amazon. Never ever buy one of these.

  2. I manage to get a bucket load of work done yesterday- the only day i've been in with the bank holiday, but s superhuman typing effort got at least two days work done!

  3. I went round my new house last night, and my rooms (so small i get two) weren't as bad as i remembered, and it's such a sweet house too.

  4. At 2pm today i should officilaly belong to the sociology department, have a meeting with politics undergrad director, who will sign me away, then i'll nip up to university house, hoping everyone is back from holiday and get the transfer completed.

  5. The sun is shining.

Read one and a half of the books i took out on friday (last week) on Tuesday and they were really helpful as i thought they would be. I came in for an hour on wedndesday; to test the scanner so you can imagine how bad a day that was, only by imagining how crap the scanner is!

But its ended up alright.

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