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July 26, 2005

End of week 3: learning and cricket

Well where did that week go.

I don't know if i can even remeber what i did last monday! It was much of the same really. I've been working on a new box of Vanley's emphemera. Its huge! And if twenty years ago you had given me the job of collecting stuff from the community to answer my project questions, I'm not sure if I could have collected anything different. It's great that it is all so relevent, but it means a lot of work for me.

I almost finished my mini newspaper project on wednesday afternoon, until my laptop battery that supposwedly lives for 5 hours died after 2. But that's come together quite neatly, once i've re read it this week and edited it a bit i should be ready to put it on here. Feels like publishing something (which is exciting and strangley yet beautifully links into my recent reading on pedagogy and 'action knowledge'). Which is interesting to think about; how we use archives, who uses them, how to access knowledge, and how it is created and maintained, perpetuated? Its amazing how much you can learn from primary sources too, my enagement with the material creates understanding etc. This is what being a student is all about; research, learning and cricket. Maybe learning is a lot like a game of cricket….

On thursday i confess, i perhaps didn't get as much work done as i should have, i stayed at home to make notes and read. Of which some reading and note making was done. Sadly the cricket turned was too excting, and rather than being able to setle down into the monotony that is a normal test match, wickets were falling so regularly as to keep me distracted.

Saw Vanley again on Friday, really want to interview him when i've finished looking at his stuff, but I don't think i'd be able to ask him anything that wasn't some dreadful cliche, and seem like some bad reporter. I'll have to figure out some insightful, deep and challenging questions if i want to talk to him!

I'm in a weirdly content mood. Shouldn't blog in it, now people will have to read this rubbish! including me tomorrow and wonder what i was thinking…

July 18, 2005

End of week 2

I can safely say nothing as exciting as some form of chemical warfare has broken out in the library but this has allowed my projected to tick along quite nicely!

It was a strange week that seemed to trickle away from me very quickly, without me getting as much book research as i would have liked done. This I think was partly to me having to finally move my stuff out of my student house which took up half a day and knackered me for the rest of the week.

I've managed to finish off three boxes of ephemera, one focussed on newspapers relating to the Handsworth riots in 1985, and my database (one i created to enter/ copy stuff into) now has over 40 records, and with these I'm on my way to creating a document soley on the Handsworth riots. I feel like i need something tangible, some product to have for my work. Then I will feel happier again.

Going through the boxes and adding records to the database got pretty monotonouos, but thats just life, now that i have them in there I can easily access and use them to create some more exciting things.

I think the hot weather made it hard to concentrate too, ah excuses excuses! This week should be good though, cooler weather, some more interesting stuff to do, and only one more box on my desk to go through. Week 1 was better than 2, 2 was still good though, 3 will be even better :)

July 08, 2005

End of First week

Its Friday afternoon, and I'm surrounded by boxes full of archival material waiting to be looked at. I probably should blog more than once a week from now on, but this time I'll just offer up a brief diary of my week.

After my first day at the library on Friday I relised that my knowledge was poor to say the least. So i decided to spend the first 3 days of this week reading through "Second City Politics", in order to give me more of a feel for what I should and could be doing.

Like yesterday spent most of it in the library (at warwick reading) actually got loads done, probably the most work I've ever done in 1 day at the library.

Finished off the book with notes, book was excellent really made things clear(er). Also had lots of admin to do today etc. Handde in my bank detail and project plan to CAP. Had a meeting re another project that I'm currently running, which is exciting too. And my best personal news of the day was that its looking good for me to swap to straight sociology instead of polsoc. For 'academic' reasons. Yay.

Had forgotten, once again how hard it is to be in town by 9. It was so hard I was in town by 10. Have to say we were all a little distracted from work by London etc. Another one of those moments where in years to come I'll be able to tell you exactly where I was when I first heard the news.

On a project note I formulated a plan more fully and feel like I know what I'm working towards, at least for now anyway!

Started inputting material into the database that I created yeaterday and this morning. This is what its all about! Everyone here is extremely friendly, apart from the design of the library; toilet breaks turn into expeditions!

Well that's about all. I'll probably be back at Warwick for a few days next week to read more theory and make more notes, then the archive stuff will make more sense. Theory and research are definately not two distinct areas.

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