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March 16, 2009

Activity : You and Your URSS project

Hello Everyone

The participants were split into groups of 5/6 and the following questions were asked

·        What am I looking forward to about participating in URSS

·        What am I hoping to achieve through my URSS project

·        Why did my URSS project interest me

·        What new skills am I hoping to develop through my project

·        What contribution to knowledge could my URSS project make

The collated results are below - please note I strongly encourage you to spend a couple of minutes thinking about your answers to the above questions as you only had chance to think about 1 question on the day!

Apologies if I've mixed up the answers as not all the flipcharts were labelled - my fault I should have said!

What am I looking forward to about participating in URSS

·        Insight on research

·        Active in real research

·        Creating a network in the academic field

·        Gaining experience

·        Knowledge of area of research

·        Staying at University

·        Working with colleagues and experts

·        Cool Toys

·        Getting paid

·        Enhanced CV

·        Kudos

·        Not a ‘McJob’

·        Investigating my career

·        Seeing places I’ve not been to before

·        Doing something different

·        Adding to prior knowledge

·        Publication

·        Opportunities not available for Undergrads

·        Working with dangerous chemical

What am I hoping to achieve through my URSS project?

·        Improve my skills and knowledge base

·        Specialise in something interesting

·        More informed career choices

·        CV (enhancement)

·        Networking

·        Something to talk about at job interviews

·        Travelling

·        Realistic research environment

·        Work with different cultures

·        Familiarise myself with my department

·        Gain research experience

·        Study a subject I haven’t encountered before

·        Produce a piece of work worthy of publication

·        Warwick Skill Certificate

·        Teamwork skills

What new skills am I hoping to develop through my URSS project?

·        Time Management

·        Planning / Organisation skills

·        Researching skills (archives and interviews)

·        Presentation skills

·        Problem Solving

·        Using Different Databases

·        Communication Skills

·        Lab Practical Skills

·        Independent working skills

·        Critical Analysis

·        Ethical Awareness

·        Practical Skills

·        Succinct and accurate presentation skills

·        Good research skills

·        Networking

·        Budgeting

·        Motivating myself

·        Writing up research

·        Literature searches

·        Group work / Teamwork

·        Initiative to study alone

What contribution to knowledge could my URSS project make?

·        Better understanding of the world we live in

·        Developing areas of expertise previously unknown or under-developed fields of academia

·        People become more aware of everyday issues that affect us all

·        How technologies could be adapted to work and be manufactured in developing countries

·        Making new knowledge more accessible

·        Achieving published results and furthering the field

·        Redesigning existing technology

·        Help create a safer world

·        Global education knowledge

·        Advertising education

·        My understanding of my project

·        Unlock the door to new ideas to explain more problems in Science

·        New ideas and new approaches

Why did my URSS project interest me?

·        Working with Academics

·        Getting published

·        Genuine Research

·        Experience Research Environment

·        Gain Skills

·        Subject interest

·        Working independently

·        For future career

·        Experience

·        To make a difference

·        Networking

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