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July 09, 2007

NMR Week 4

To start the week I continued with reading but more concerning the physics behind simulation parameters than how the simulations work.

I tried two simulation programs and tried to get matching spectra on both – usually unsuccesfully! This is a minor setback and I’m sure that as I accumulate a greater understanding of the programs, my use of them will improve. I asked some of the others for help and have a few things to try for next time.

Using a previously found paper, which listed the chemical shifts of a very similar compound to those I am studying, I compared shifts in compounds. I found the expected similarities – indicating that the two samples have common molecular groups. I also found a large anomaly for one of the samples, suggesting that the sample isn’t of the structure we first assumed it to be.

First Week: ββ(0ν) Background

So its monday again, and i thought i should write an entry about what our first week has entailed!

Three words sum it up: Reading, Reading and Reading.
(plus a little scrounging, lugging, and reformatting!)

We arrived on monday to be given a large reading list, found the papers and got reading, this went on through tuesday too.

Wednesday involved more reading, and trying to locate computors and a room to put them in! Eventually the kind people in engineering were able to provide us with computors, and a physics meetingroom was booked for 8 weeks solid!

Ill post some pictures of our “office” when i get a chance.

The rest of the week was spent reading, and installing Linux on the three machines.

Friday afternoon saw me start a initial design for the website, which you can see in its rough form below:

website preview

Im going to have a meeting with my supervisor today to get links to all the data I need to include. Until then, adios!

Modelling the neutrinoless double beta–decay (ββ(0v))

Our (Andrew’s and mine) project involves the design and implementation of a Monte Carlo simulation of the ββ(0v) decay event, which should help in the search for the event. Tim has already outlined the basic theory of the decay, but not the implications of its observation.

If the ββ(0v) decay is observed then some assertions about neutrinos in the Standard Model (SM) of physics are incorrect. For example, the SM explains the observation of only left handed neutrinos by asserting that neutrinos propagate at the speed of light, and therefore are massless. However if the ββ(0v) is observed then it implies neutrinos have a finite mass, which is a big problem in the SM.

Neutrino physics has advanced rapidly and more theory suggests that this is the case, and the SM will need more and more augmentation if these theories are proved correct by observation.

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