March 08, 2006

Week 9 Council + Referenda

Wow I haven't blogged for a while about Council, I'll restrict my points to what mainly happened, and sum up about referenda too. This is hopefully reflect the format of future postings.

Full minutes are available for Term 2 Week 6 and Term 2 Week 9

Policies Renewed:

  • 487 "Sponsorship and Advertising in the Students Union" – Enabling the SU to actually ban companies from sponsoring and advertising.
  • 506 "Nestlé" – Banning Nestlé on grounds of their unethical activities specifically with regards to baby milk.

New Policy:

  • 635 "LOBBYING FOR A FULL NATIONAL SMOKING BAN" – Resolved to support the introduction of national smoking ban and to make the Union non-smoking as soon as a national smoking ban came into force.
  • 636 "DENIAL OF ACCESS TO FURTHER EDUCATION IN IRAN" – Resolved to write letters etc. to MPs about restrictions on access to higher education for certain religious groups.
  • 637 "ACCESS TO EDUCATION – FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS PRACTICE" – Resolved to write to Imperial College condemning their ban on the ‘Niqaab’ (face veil) and 'hoodies'.
  • 604 "Sabbatical Pay" – Resolved to appoint a Advisory Group for Sabbatical Pay, which was during done. They will look at sabbatical pay levels and report back to council in T3W3.
  • 460 "TRADE JUSTICE" – Resolved to do lots of lovely FAIRTRADE stuff and promote trade justice, read the policy for more details!
  • 638 "SUPPORTING THE LECTURERS STRIKE" – Resolved to support the AUT and the lecturers strike, wholly.
  • 639 "COCA-COLA" – Resolved to lobby NUSSL (who provide the Unions food and drink) not to use Coco-Cola or to source an alternative vendor for the Unions 'soft' drinks.
  • 640 "PROPAGANDA" – Resolved to create some form of publication that would be for Union officers to write articles in.
  • 641 "ALCOHOL-FREE ACCOMMODATION" – Resolved to lobby the University to provide alcohol free corridors in halls, and to undertake a survey of students to see if this was something they wanted.
  • 642 "VARSITY DAY" – Resolved to investigate the possibility of making the final match on Varsity day alternate between men's and women's rugby. And to oversee the production of the 'Song Book' so that it is in line with the Equal Opps Appendix.

So that was all the major stuff from council.


All five motions were passed at referendum, you've probably heard about them all, but I'll sum up briefly if you haven't:

  • 643 "RESTRICTING POSITIVE GENDER DISCRIMINATION" – Resolves not to support or use positive discrimination on the grounds of gender.
  • 644 "UPDATING OUR CONSTUTION" – Resolves to make changes to the constitution removing the requirement for a union general meeting, placing restrictions on what can be put to a vote and numerous other changes.
  • 645 "FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING AND ADVISING PREGNANT STUDENTS OF THEIR CHOICES" – Changes the Unions stance to pro-choice and resolves to set a fund to help support pregnant students.
  • 646 "ENSURING FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR MEDIA SOCIETIES" – Resolves to let media societies publish/broadcast without independent vetting for impartiality and to allow WTV to broadcast potentially offensive content.
  • 647 "FAIRTRADE IN THE UNION" – Resolves to make the Union even more FAIRTRADE based, all good stuff but too much to list here.

Well thats all I want to say for now, hopefully you've learnt something about what the Union does.

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