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February 07, 2012

….no more egg from you !

It seems to me that majority of people still believe in goodness, otherwise CSR concept wouldn't have been this successful.

However, I bet there are only few companies among all that adopt CSR, has genuine interest, and truely cares about society, environment and emplyee welfare.
The rest are just too afraid to lose market share to its competitors or being sued (by NGO, employee as such).

Anyhow, I am very happy that at least the trend has made it almost mandatory right now to compete in business world.
what else could be better than maketing tool that benefits both company and other stakeholders....

I like what Zoe said that "use what you're good at" "dont just throw the money at them", it is a clever way to exploit CSR as a marketing tool. CSR benefits most when it is not simply a charity, CSR consumes certain amount of budget like other department, we might as well manage it in a way like we would do in other business function.

The more we get out of CSR, the bigger we can do with CSR in the future, and that is just a good sense.

In Thailand, there is a big brand that I stopped buying eggs (and other meat products) from because I learned about the company and I have some friends working for them, and to me they are horrible. Honestly, I have not heard anything good about them at all. If only I heard even a slightest news about their CSR, or other good aspects of their business conduct, I might have inclined to be their customer again.

It could be that their CSR is not working, or they do not have one at all, this part I couldn't be bothered to find out.

ahhhh CSR is a new face of the company.... invest wisely.

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