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May 06, 2012

…Pluto is the 9th planet….duh??

well...there is more problem with KM than just capturing knowledge, storing it and disseminating it.

A friend of mine was working for a large American multinational corporation, she voiced her concern about KM in her company that KM started from the basis...since they (engineer team) are engineering, theyhave requirement/spec, they have desgin document before they start and they put the comment on their code, everything is put online just like 'wikipedia' but internally, and things can be searched and tag....this including images, video, words document, projects timeline etc.
They use a software called "SharePoint" which they developed and sales externally......

however the biggest problem they have with this type of knowledge management is not creating document. is UPDATING....!!!!

Knowledge can become obsolete, organisations that build their sucesses on innovation really need to be careful of this point.

May 04, 2012


bye bye two weeks project.

...the best thing I learned from you is teamwork, motivation and how to be calm when I have to.
the survival skills (soft skills) are improved and I'm glad that I haven't had any single moment that I feel like giving up.

Honestly, I came out of the module knowing a little bit better about KM and AM than 2 weeks ago, but I know a whole lot better of how to survive lol.

May 02, 2012

…peeling mango

...just had an epiphany while peeling mango over the sink.

It is necessary that organisaitons incorporate KM in their strategies, they can have all tools they want,
but oh boy,.... it wouldn't make KM happen.

I don't think that it is close to possible for organisations to lure their employees to practise KM without leadership.

Who are organisations? Exactly who?... The CEO?... The mangement? ...The manager?... The building?
The idea of organisation-people, is so vauge and lack personal touch.

I believe that the link between "organisation" and their "people" should be dissected into personal level.
If I were an employee, I wanted to feel that I can personally communicate and connect with "my organisation",
how would that happen?....yes I must talk to a person, a representative of "organisation"...
and that person should be my boss.

He must possess leadership quality, and ability to translate whatever the organisation aims for to me.
He should act like a sounding board. His leadership should motivate me to work as a team and to set my eyes towards a shared goal, his leadership should make me feel safe, willing and happy to work hard as well as share my knowledge.
He must never ignore subject-matter experts in KM, if I'm one of those, I'll surely feel valued if they require my involvement and I would not hesitate to share my knowledge.

That is closer, with leadership, and that must start from The Management.

my manager should be guided by his manager the way he does to me, ...passing the torch from the management.


An employee decided to sabotage a big project by leaving bugs in the codes. That's right, she's pissed at some manager who relocated her to other smaller project.

Ultimately, they had to call her back in as she is the only one who has thourough knowledge of this project. She knows how valuable she is. No one know this project through and through, none other than her.

That is why she decided never to share her valuabe knowledge to anyone as this is her leverage in any work-related negotiation.

Paul mentioned today about barrier in knowledge sharing, and that reminds me of the story above.

Whatever plan we have for KM sounded so simple and doable, however, the biggest barriers still lie in management, organisation culture, and people themselves.

I will have go back to that person, and draw out whatever it is inside that keeps her from sharing knowledges and what that would make her do.

May 01, 2012

…poor cat

I feel sad for the cat in the microwave Rasmus mentioned in the class yesterday.
also for the old lady, the owner of the cat who has no intention to boil her cat.

Come to think about it, the case gives us a picture of how dangerous and hazardous it is to let someone operate whatever machine without knowledge. But to what extent does one need to know?

A safety precautions and other things related to health are seriously necessary, and I wonder if the old lady should have at least basic knowledge of how microwave works (how things get heated up inside that closed door).

I doubt if the safety precautions would include -do not use microwave to dry cat.

Sometimes, some incidents are beyond what we could think of at the first place, (error in anticipation).

One way to deal with this situation is to make a person by himself, be concious and curious and be aware of the situation, of what he is doing. Always ask for second opinion or refer to the manual when in doubt.
Most imporatantly, company must be responsible to educate their employees and take health & Safety seriously, putting in place and preventive measure to prevent any loss or damage.

If we lost a person it does not mean we lost only one life, because that person could be a whole world to someone.

…people, a burden or an asset ?

People,....most valuable assets to the company?

When people claim that employees are the most valuable asset to the company, I don't think they really give much thought about it, and most of the time they must have referred to only hard-working and dedicated employees.

and that could not be more true, good employees are indeed company's assets, we cannot quantify what an employee could bring to the table in terms of financial figure. They are like seeds, if the company plant them and nurture them, they will flourish into a big tree, yield enough fruit for prosperity.

However, should bad employees be considered assets? or liabilities?
there are some examples I have seen, a supervisor has been with the company for 20 years, she stays supervisor for the last 5 years, and there is no career propect for her because she's been outperformed by other colleagues and new comers.

The thing is, the company cannot fire her without good cause (otherwise they might have to face wrongful termination lawsuit or severance), so they keep her but limited her career advancement,....

How sad it is,...what are other things should company do when they already done anything possible to develop an employee but it does not work?

is it worth spending time and money and other resoureces to develop an almost-impossible to develop employee?
would it be better to strengthen recruitment?

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