February 19, 2012

…But I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mou–ess… If I only had the nerve.

One thing that people who's born without trait in leadership needs is courage....

It is very hard to stand up for what you believe when everyone else is against you.
Not only courage, passion, vision, character, and being a good decision maker are also keys.

If you want things to happen or change, you have to take a lead.
And I'm pretty sure that majority of people feel more comfortable to stay in the norm. Even if they disagree with something, they conform, because they do not have the courage to act/think different.

Therefore, to develop leadership in an organisation, one must be given an opportunity to lead to be engaged in something big. One must be empowered to think to make a change.
Safe environment is crucial to this initiation. Leader/manager ought to make sure that everyone feel comfortable to express their ideas, has involvement in decision making process and has been pushed to take a lead.

When Bonnie finally had to take a role of leader in Black Swan, the opportunity had given her a new thought about herself.
She never wanted to be a leader, more or less about lacking confidence in herself, but right then she knew she could do it and that is the first step.

The first step to developing leadership in an organisation.

Practice makes perfect, the more you get exposed to this, the more you become good at it.

If you have enough passion, courage will follow......take the lead, that's taken directly from the word "leader".

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  1. Shalini Newatia

    I completely agee with you nini, its the first step that we need to take . After the module week , i believe that great leaders can be made and it is not necessary that leaders are born , not made .. we surely can brush up our skills and practice and it is never too late to start.
    It is a coincidence that we both made the same points in our blogs about Bonnie .
    Practice , Practice , till you succeed..

    19 Feb 2012, 21:27

  2. Ungsutorn Thavornlertrat

    Yea not sure if Ramiz still thinks that leader can only be made,..eieiei

    Remember I told you that I’ll raise my hand anyway (even it’s against my will) to volunteer for leader on the last exercise?
    I really believe it takes a pre-determined mind to start the courage in one’s self and then to the development of leadership.
    Also start voicing opinion and dare to challenge what you disagree also a nice way to ease yourself into leadership.

    Being an active follower makes a one step closer to become a leader.

    19 Feb 2012, 21:53

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