May 02, 2012


An employee decided to sabotage a big project by leaving bugs in the codes. That's right, she's pissed at some manager who relocated her to other smaller project.

Ultimately, they had to call her back in as she is the only one who has thourough knowledge of this project. She knows how valuable she is. No one know this project through and through, none other than her.

That is why she decided never to share her valuabe knowledge to anyone as this is her leverage in any work-related negotiation.

Paul mentioned today about barrier in knowledge sharing, and that reminds me of the story above.

Whatever plan we have for KM sounded so simple and doable, however, the biggest barriers still lie in management, organisation culture, and people themselves.

I will have go back to that person, and draw out whatever it is inside that keeps her from sharing knowledges and what that would make her do.

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  1. Oghenetega Inoni

    but the point is how easy is it going to be to draw out the knowledge from the lady? i guess that is the whole idea we are trying to bring out from employees. one point from which i think is not so easy will be creating the enabling environment for people to express them selves and try not to with hold information back.

    02 May 2012, 16:12

  2. Ungsutorn Thavornlertrat

    yes Tega it is so hard in practice, but see here Tega, the lady hesitate to share knowledge because she thinks she has the advantage over others by withholding it.

    I think safe environment alone is simply not enough to motivate and encourage people to contribute what they know. Employees must have trust in organization and it has to be clear in their minds that career advancement and performance appraisal will be done fairly and that their contribution is recognized.

    02 May 2012, 16:18

  3. Pauline Mmbaga

    The sad reality is that people have the “survival of the fittest” mentality…everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder and they feel as though sharing what they know will give an advantage to everyone else as well, so they hold on to whatever they know…so how do you change people’s mentality?I agree that a safe enviroment is not eenough.

    02 May 2012, 16:41

  4. Ungsutorn Thavornlertrat

    that’s true Pauline,...

    I dont object competitiveness in workplace, but not sharing knowledge shouldn’t make a person be more competitive than others.
    I feel that organizations must try their best to recognize people who share knowledge who make contribution,

    a mentality that everyone is important and that their contributions are needed in order to achieve the shared goal should be instilled in the culture.

    Most importantly, no one should be left behind or treated unfairly in their career advancement.

    so I think in performance evaluation, one of the criteria should be sth related to KM, such as, how much knowledge/idea an employee has been contributed throughout the year.

    02 May 2012, 20:42

  5. Daniella Abena Badu

    I think it all goes down to FEAR. People are so afraid that their future will be at stake if they share knowledge in the sense that someone may take over their position, which I feel is true even though I do not particularly agreed with that mentality. And as stated in the scenario, the lady was demoted to handle a smaller project but because no one had her knowledge she was promoted again. In a case like this why will she be motivated to share her knowledge afterall they cant wait to demote her if they get someone as good as her.

    06 May 2012, 08:57

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