March 28, 2012


A talk with my good friend yesterday was purely about her boss; she continuously ranted for alomost 15 minutes.

It's been almost 6 months since the boss was transferred from another department and it's been 7 months since the last monthly team meeting. The boss doesn't do much, besides attending meetings in which she was occasionally spotted sleeping and randomly distributes incoming works to team members. She (the boss, yes, it's a she) has no clue of what her team are up to and only follows up the assigned works when she was asked by her boss (the bigger boss).
My friend basically has no clue of what she going to do next after completing the current assignment and hasn't been informed of any plan even after several attempts demamding a future plan.

Nevertheless, the team was doing great, all the works have been delivered in good qualities with many praises from the collegues outside the team.

Then I asked my friend if she and the team member want a new boss. Surprisingly the answer is "no" because they are more recognised and able to demonstrate their potential that there're still doing pretty good individually and as a team despite having a bad leader. In term of overall performance, the team is actually doing better than when under guidance of the old well -respected boss.

Not sure where does leadership fit in here?
not even sure if it is laissez-faire,
Perhaps, a bad leader could bring out the best from the followers? lol
Then the boss isn't such a bad leader then?

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  1. Shalini Newatia

    I think its Laissez-faire because the boss is really laid back and does not actively participate in the team work.
    But what is funny in the whole story is that the employees are actually happy with such a kind of a leader who is not interested with the progress of her employees and is not efficient enough to lead them . I must say that the employees are very efficient and the boss is lucky to have them.

    29 Mar 2012, 00:52

  2. Ungsutorn Thavornlertrat

    Sha sha,....the boss step back and hand-off not by choice…

    she does not know anything, and obviously incompetent.

    if that’s the case, is this still categorized as laissez-faire???

    29 Mar 2012, 10:23

  3. Shalini Newatia

    Then I don’t think it is Laissez- Faire because in Laissez- Faire , the leader has a laid back attitude because he thinks that his subordinates have the potential to work by themselves . I think it is really sad what you have tried to state nini. the people do not have any kind of improvement , its equal to not working .

    31 Mar 2012, 00:12

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