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March 31, 2012

….who is authentic ??

funny,... when I read about authentic leadership, it sounded so cliche,..authentic
Does that mean the rest of leadership theories are not so authentic? lol

Though it does make sense that leader should lead with vision or something that they believe in,
authentic leadership suggests leaders should examine themselves looking for true value they have been holding on to,
..... leader must truly believe in it from the inside not just having a created value or vision.

By that definition, people who are real and believe in something but what they believe is not worth following or worth making it come true do not stand a chance to be authentic leader?

Can authenticity be developed? if it has to be developed then it is not authentic?

Leader that has vision and that vision happend to be what he really believes then he could be authentic leader,
so authentic leadership can be a subset of many other leadership theories then?
say,... transformational leadership?

…you have to let me do my job

If a leader is to make a big change in an organization, he has to be able to handle the resistance from the unhappy faces who are likely to be worsen-off by the change.

Thai Airways, the national air carrier of Thailand kept losing money years after years until they appointed Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand as the company president.

The major changes he made was limiting the authorities previously given to the board of directors whom used to make decision and implement things instead of the management. Mr. Amaranand said
"You can't run the company that way. That's why when I came in, one of the conditions was that the management must be allowed to manage the company and the board should only make decision on strategy, policy, and not interupt the day-to-day management of the company, or appointment of key staff."

To me, this was a very big change (for Thai organisation), the change which might have stimulated the management to work differently as they were allowed flexibility and freedom to run the company without having to worry about the board while Mr. Amaranad did a good job handling the board whom presumably not too happy about this as their clear passage for self-benefit were shut down and I don't think that was easy for him as there should be an enormous force from the board to oust him from being the leading man.

but he dares to make a demand, to go against the board, and determined to overhaul the organisation.

It took only a year for Thai Airways to make profit, that's a very quick turnaround.

…bend and break

My close friend wanted to come visit during December last year, the problem was that, she'd already run out of her vacation. So, she tried negotiating with her boss, to use the vacation quota of this year in advance.
The boss said no; the policy stated that vacation days cannot be carried over to nor taken in advanced from the next year.

She was a hard working woman, several occasions she had to come to work for a coulple of hours on weekends,
not because she wasn't able to complete her works on time, but to handle some urgent situations.

Again, she asked her boss for a compensation for working on weekend and the boss said no because the policy stated that
in order to receive a compensation, she had to work for more than four hours ( 3 and a half does not count).

Many times, the assignment given to her were excessive, she had to stay late to finish them off. One day, she had to leave early to take care of some family urgent, the boss questioned.
"Are you leaving now, not sure if you've been working for 8 hours today?"
The policy said an employee is to work 8 hours a day, meaning she has to work at least 8 hours a day,
those extra late working hours do not count.

In summary, the boss is strictly by-the-book; to me, she has done nothing wrong because she is an emplyee and should follow the company policy.

But as a boss? as a leader?

So the question is,...would it be ok for a leader to bend the rule (or even break it) sometimes to maintain team's morale?


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