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February 18, 2012

…you, leader, can't be too emotional

One most difficult thing leader might have to face is handling failure.

Making a decision has a lot to do with risk analysis.

It is not so wholesome as a leader if he can only lead and make decision without ability to analyse and taking into account risk.


For me, leading people to a wrong way that results in failure is too much to bear.
How disappointed the team would be? how much impact would this failure has on team's morale?
How would leader handle the guilt?

I am not saying that leader should always (100%) make a right decision to be deemed a good leader, uncertainty is out there everywhere in the world, every situation, ....that's just the way it is.

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" - Murphy's law

However, what would help leader minimise the chance of being wrong?
If something goes wrong, is it solely because of decision making?
or is it also about what leader does, how leader manage after he had made that decision?


Failure is not as bad as letting your team down....
Keeping team's morale and momentum, learning from mistake and restoring confidence after that failure are vital.
If the team still has spirit and stick together, failure is just a bump, and success will be on a way.


…Dear Mr.Welch

Dear Mr.Welch,

This is my 9th year of service at GE, that amount of time is more than high school life and it was enough to build 4 Eiffle towers. And if an average lifespan of human is 80, I've already dedicated over one-eighth of it to this company.

I used to be in a very cheerful and happy mood on Monday, because I found my work very challenging and I like how the company creates such a dynamic environment. However, this workplace has turned into a battlefield and competitiveness has become new culture around here.
Lately, I work under stress, and sense of insecurity has taken over me knowing every year 2 people in our department will be fired. For the last four years, in order to get a good ranking, most people here have been trying to propose short-term project that shows quick result, and come up with poor solutions to the problem just for the sake of fixing it. Not many people dedicate their time to find the root cause and properly deliver what should have been done. Innovation and creativity has dramatically decreased and suppressed by this fear of losing the job.

I have never doubt my performance nor has my manager. I have many times proven my skill by delivering many successful projects and constantly achieving my targets resulting in two promotions during my tenure.

Unfortunately, this year has not been good, I had been hit by life crisis, which are medical condition and a divorce. Although I am mentally and physically weaker, somehow I am still a responsible person and manage to get to work everyday with minimum sick day (as required by doctor).
Rumor has it, I might end up at the bottom of the ranking, I am aware that my performance has been affected by crisis, but I am recovering. Nevetheless, two people in my department has to be let go this year according to your firing policy.

My question to you Mr.Welch......If I were one of the bottom two on ranking this year, and If you were me, will you fire you?


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