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June 17, 2012

…something extra

As a part of KM process, besides all the good documents safely stored in the expensive system, experts usually fly from all over the places to Bangkok-based office, to transfer some certain knowledge of how some new stuffs in the system work.

In order not to limit the knowledge to just the key personnels directly responsible for the system, all interested staffs are usually invited to attend the sessions as well.

Is it a good idea to invite too many audiences???

Unavoidably, many audiences brought many different questions, from different perspectives.
As a results, the main responsible personnel received some answers to the questions they hadn't thought of and also had their chances to listens to other opinions.

However, are the targeted audiences were distracted by all those questions, not directly addressed by them.
Instead of having more chances to pause, think, and concentrate on something they might have missed,
they had to listen to all the stuffs which might not be of their interest at all.

I wasn't even sure myself; a one to one classroom with lecturer?

…deep and wide

A few years back, while watching an American tv show that, from a given group of Americans, most of them did not know what H2O was while all of them knew everything about the Kardashians. I think this reflects something on American educational system and how well they manage the knowledges on their fellow Americans.

However, I think they can still live their lives happily if at least they really know something related to their works which earn them money without having to know a single thing about chemical compound.
Besides, what would be a benefit of knowing H2O besides not to sound less intelligent while discussing chemistry with family and friends over a dinner table.

As a Thai famous poet once said: "One does not need to know everything, but an in-depth knowledge of a certain thing can bring one a fortune."

The question is....if the employees are knowledgable only how to do their jobs properly, should that be efficient for the organisation and the employees themselves?? it enough?

Is it necssary that an employee have limited access to only information/knowledge related to his job?
I think it is enpough to make the wheel turn, but it is not enough to create new knowledge or make an organisation an innovative one.

…favourite chair

Several years ago I went to pick up my friend for dinner at her office, I didn't realize the chair I was sitting on (her chair) was purchased at approximately 1,000 pounds.

There are thousands of employees in her organisation and each of them is sitting on the identical chairs,
it means the organisation invested 2 million pounds for these chairs which their employees are to be sitting on at least 8 hours a day.

The chair was ergonomically design (that's what they claimed), for a computer user, to provide a maximum comfort,
and most importantly, to protect their employees from back pain.

Besides the chair, I was quite sure there must be other working environment-friendly equipments and activities.

I was impressed by the way this organisation was concerning over the well-being of its people, as people are the most vital assets. Even if they have the highest muti-billion cutting edge technologies of computer running the daily operation; without people input, it doesn't save the company from losing business.

So, 1,000 pounds chair makes all the sense; at least in term of asset management.

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