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March 10, 2012

Lego,..good investment?

I couldn’t believe old lego set could be so expensive.
I remember drooling at a lego shop, couldn’t keep my hands off of the star wars lego set called ‘the millennium falcon’ retailed at about 310 GBP,....
yes,..... that was expensive but it was the largest lego ever produced back then.
In the end, I came home empty-handed, believing I was going to pay too much for the toys.

Three years later after playing much with city lego and village lego, Star Wars lego has become a dream toy, and the millenium faclon is the one I have my eyes on.

However, the set can be purchased via online market only, and the price for a brand new set is staggering at the minimum of 1,200 GBP, but the 2ndhanded one can be bought at around 420 GBP.
Meanwhile, lego also released two new sets: a superstar destroyer and an imperial shuttle at a combination of 420 GBP.
I’d love to lay my hands on all sets, but my pocket wasn’t quite big enough; which one should I go for?

I was thinking of getting the 2ndhand falcon, but how could I ensure that all the pieces could be accounted for?
How could I be sure that the tiny plastic pieces are not contaminated with diseased and it’s possible that the set could have been a third-forth handed.

Nevertheless, in my limited budget, If I decided to go for the new sets over falcon, of course at the retailed price, I would get something totally brand new and they would be only mine,
and that means it will take me quite sometime to save up for falcon, and till that time the price of the falcon could keep on skyrocketing until it’s far out of my reach.

In turn, the price of the new set could have ballooned up too, if not now, so things became much more complicated as there’re way too many factors to consider.

So Time is crutial, Millenium falcon went from 310 GBP to 1,200 GBP in not many years times.
It is important that time must be taken into account when making a decision, as well as depreciation and future value.
Now with lego, it is harder to predict its future value, since some of them are more valued and expensive while some sets aren't.
In this case, market research and statistical data would be the best thing to rely on; what kind of lego sets are likely to be more expensive in the future, what set would be in demand, will lego company has a plan to produce more of that particular set in the future.

In the end, good decision should be made with enough information, as thorough as it could be.

…more than numbers

I was not in a rush, but somehow I manage to leave my laptop charger at an airline lounge while heading to the united states. Thus, my laptop couldn’t be used for any other purpose besides an oversized paper weight and in order to unbore myself, I really need to get a replacement.

The authentic charger is retailed at 79.00 usd plus tax; to me, that’s a bit too expensive despite the fact that the unit will come in a good condition, unused and stored in a proper condition. In addition, it comes with a warranty and returnable.
Thus, I started looking for an alternative; ebay.comwas my next stop.

The website had a variety of chargers, a replica one would cost as little as 20 usd, the used authentic one was a bit higher at 30 usd and the new authentic one they advertised was at 45 usd. The only problem is that despite having a 14 days warranty, the unit was not sold by the authorized dealer and it wasn’t packed in a sales box so there was no guarantee that the charger was as good as advertised.

Considering that my laptop is 3 years old and about to run out of its life cycle, investing 79.00 usd could have been a bit too pricey even though I can rest assure my laptop would be properly powered so I took a gamble by getting the one online with almost 50% off the retailed price despite acknowledging that the product might not be functioning, but considering the odd that most of the fake charger being circulated in Bangkok markets are working fine (probablility must be about 0.85), the one I was going to buy should be working.
I also consider the possibility of having to spend another 79.00 on the retailed one if I wasn’t so lucky.

3 days later, the laptop charger arrived at my doorstep.....Could not believe that my luck fell into that 0.15 probablility, yes, I have to return the charger.

Indeed, financial aspect is not the only thing to concern in decision making, there are lost of opportunity/ time/ hassle/ complication that could cost you more.

Exmouth maybe more expensive but it has many other benefits than that; transportation route, lead time, future expansion, production capacity, etc., that is why our group is inclined that in a long run it will be proven a better option.

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