January 19, 2007

New rapid transit bus to Coventry city centre

According to an email sent around in the maths department today there are plans for a new bus service to Covntry city centre. Since that bus is supposed to run through the maths’ rose beds people here a not over enthusiastic. I for my part find at least the idea of a proper bus connection to coventry very reasonable. It might not have to be accomplished with vehicles which try to compete with the noise levels of a diesel train engine.

I opt for either a tunnel or an underground railway. Or, even better, just cut off earlsdon from the already running bus service to coventry. That should reduce travel time from 30min down to not more than 15min.

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  1. Eleanor Lovell

    Whats makes you think that the bus will be running through the maths dept rose beds? As I understood it, the Rapid Transit System is still going through public consultation and no exact routes have been decided.

    19 Jan 2007, 15:28

  2. Well, admittably, so far it’s just rumours. I know that some people at maths are worried.

    19 Jan 2007, 16:51

  3. There’s more information about it at http://www.sprint-there.co.uk

    Basically, it would be a new partially segregated bus route from Nuneaton to Kenilworth via Bedworth, Coventry and the University.

    20 Jan 2007, 19:51

  4. Alright, thanks for that link! That does not look too bad at all. I welcome the idea to use buses to actually bring you somewhere and to cover some distance, instead of taking strange detours and stopping at every rubbish bin.

    21 Jan 2007, 11:53

  5. Rachel Sellers

    hi as part of my alevel economics coursework i am investigating the sprint scheme.
    i am conducting priomary research in the form of a questionnaire.
    if anybody would like to help me out i’d be very grateful.

    the questionnaire is below::


    Do you live in Coventry, Kenilworth, or Nuneaton?

    Coventry Kenilworth Nuneaton Neither

    Have you heard of Sprint the Coventry Rapid Transit Scheme?

    Yes No Not Sure

    Do you think Coventry requires such a scheme?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    Do you think such a modern transport system would further help regeneration in Coventry?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    Do you think with increased publicity of global warming, the fact that such a scheme will help reduce carbon emission will help encourage use?

    Yes, defiantly Yes, possibly Not Really Not at all

    How would you describe the volume of traffic in this area?

    Very High High Moderate Low Unsure

    How do you travel into Coventry?

    Car Bus Walk Cycle Other

    Why do you not use the current public transport in the area? Order reasons 1 to 5, 1 being most important reason.

    Cost Quality Frequency Destinations Other

    Would you consider using a regular and modern bus service, running along this route?

    Yes No Possibly

    What would persuade you to switch from car to bus travel?

    Cost Quality Journey Times Other

    How often do you travel to this area?

    Daily 2/3 Days a Week Weekdays Weekends Once a week

    Do you use this area in rush hour?

    Yes No Sometimes

    Do you think the area would benefit form improved bus service??

    Yes No Possibly

    Further Comments

    16 Mar 2007, 11:44

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