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December 21, 2005

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December 20, 2005

Whats wrong with the French?????

I don't get it , why on earth is the bloody french government so keen to murder poor farmers? No seriously, what could possibly justify the way they are so keen on subsidizing their farmers???? They farmers dont account for anything anyway and it costs the EU 2.20 Euro a day per cow to subsidize it.
How can they be so heartless and cruel? How can they justify the poverty and starvation of the farmers in Africa and Asia who are losing out to the rich markets due to the CAP and especially due to the useless french people who can't farm efficiently in the first place and need to use subsidies to continue to farm. Fuckin hell they should be made to starve like the people they cause suffering too, only then will they learn.

The US and japan are no better, but the US said it will agree to any deal as long as Europe does as well. I know it should just go ahead with it anyway (like the Iraq war???) but I still hate the French for being such a stumbling block. Seriosuly, how many farmers do they have anyway? not a lot, and yet for the small few , the whole world must suffer. Screw them and thir policies…..

December 17, 2005

UK give away money for nothing in return!

Wow!!!! i am shocked by Tony Blair’s need to reach a deal with Europe . not only has he given away 10.5 Billion Euro worth of rebate! But done so without ANY change to the Common Agricultural policy.

This only goes to show that he cares more about his stance in europe than about the African farmers he pretends he cares about. What a shame, I actually thought he would do better! Oh well, yet another disappointment.

December 12, 2005

Racist Oz

As an Indian i am happy to say I have never felt il-treated or unwelcomed in the UK, infact people in UK are very open to people from all cultures no matter what the newspapers report on, I believe this to be true. The same can be said of S.E.Asian countries, which are also tolerant of different races and cultures

However, the one country where I have received negative vibes is definetely Australia. At times it just gets ridiculous. While arriving, they wouldn't let us in unless we confirmed that we paid for our returned ticket with cash, they wanted my dad to confirm he had a job and even insisted on seeing his pay slip, it was absolutely disgraceful. In the country it was the attitude of the bus drivers, and the general segregation of society . My friends in Oz tend not to hang out with white folks, they just dont feel safe.
As a result it is no surprise to me that the australians are now behaving disgracefully against any one that looks remotely middle eastern


Let alone the lack of any common sense, hard to expect anyway from racist hooligans, but beating up innocent people in a country which apparently prides itself on multiculturalism – thats just sick.

Australia has the toughest immigration laws in the industrialized world, it refuses to rescue people dying near its shores since it will only encourage more to try and cross over even though it can easily afford to give these people with no hope whatsoever a new start to their lives, and now its anti-terror laws are appaling…. one can only hope the australians learn the British or Candian way sooner.

December 10, 2005

Why should India or China sacrifice on climate control?

If US is not willing to sacrifice even a bit on climate control – hell they don't even accept global warming exists! why should developing countries do so?

I, like any other human being want to stop global warming but I am thoroughly disappointed by the world's attitude. If US or any other Economically developed country wants to continue to pollute why on earth should a Less economically developed country stop?
India and China have strong arguments not to stop, we are in the midst of an economic boom, the issue of adverse poverty is finally being addressed, and we are finally becoming a richer society. It would be impossible for India to grow economically if it instilled strict pollution limits when other countries do not do so. if the world wants to address the issue, then the west must deliver first, If I were a negotiator I would definetely strike a deal that stops global warming but i would never do so if no one esle is interested.

Its obvious that no solution in the foreseeable future exists and developing countries should and must not suffer for the stupidity of US.

December 08, 2005

To stay or not to stay?

There has a been a lot of news on pulling out of Iraq with Bush talking a lot about missions and all of that…....I personally believe that pulling out of Iraq is the worst thing to do as of now. the troops are critical to mainatin some stability, leaving now would only enhance the argument that UK and US attacked on no solid grounds (which is true), then destroyed a nation (also true) and then buggered off.
The Economist and BBC both have interesting articles on why they should stay I agree with both views. Especially the fact that terrorism will ruin Iraq in the near future if the troops pull out (not that it isn't doing so now)

December 06, 2005

Does China really need to be a democracy?

The democratization of the world by the US and UK forcefully in most respects is seen with a negative view in a lot of Asian countries. I am from the world's largest democracy, and I respect it but I think that in a lot of situations it just fails to achieve anything.

China in my view is a more stable country than any of its neighbours. yes people may argue about it not being a people of the government – but look at what it has acheieved. It has had splendid economic growth, it economically freer than most Asian countries and is also now a superpower, America's biggest rival.
You see, democracy in a poor country encourages corruption, instability and lack of direction. I am not saying they should not be democratic, but rather democracy does not seem to work. take the case of indonesia – in Suharto's times it was a burgeoning economy, people had jobs and poverty was on the decline. After he was forced to resign, and yes the people had every right to throw him out, Indonesia has been on a downward trend, it also has had a huge growth in terrorism. India can acheives so much more, but its dmeocratrically elected socialist part has seriosuly stifled much needed economic reford more so under the pretext of its harming jobs even though in reality it will only help alleviate poverty

Fact of the matter is, people in power take decisions for themselves (our students union for example), democracy only establishes who is in power., The greater majority someone has the more power they have and the more they are able to shape the country. Even a democratic country with a strong party is better off than one with a coalition…..of course only if these people do actually want something good done for their country. So a benevolent dictatorship might not actually be too bad (like Brunei….)

Once these countries get richer, peple become more educated and poverty is on an irreversible path of decline, then democracy seems to work better.

Home Sweet Home

Back in Vietnam at last!!!! been a tiring journey – bloody 16 hours of bloody flying! 16 hrs!!! Its not as bad as the 34 hrs between NZ and UK, but it is harsh

I love it here, it may be social republic and people may hate it for that, but it feels so peaceful AND no terror threats yet, nice warm weather, and the priveleges of being a foreigner in an Asian country!

Happy holidays everyone!

December 01, 2005

Democracy??? Screw that – our union is for Dictatorship.

If any of you have read the latest statement presented by the biased and anti-democracy union officers you might sympathise with my sentiments.


This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! When I vote for a ban I expect there to be a BAN, not a fuckin compromise that is useless…...Smoking and non smoking areas DO NOT WORK!!!! Yes I seem like a dick head going on about this but smoke can travel in the air and is only contained in a room, so unless they are going to build rooms for smokers there is still no possibility of the non-smoking union.

Obviously we will not have a smoking ban in the night events!!!! What was I thinking when I thought that my vote would count! I keep thinking I am in a country that believes in democracy but then I look at the union and I am proved wrong every single time.

If the union does not put into place the ban they are being anti-democratic – and that is a FACT

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