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November 29, 2005

The issue of unethical companies – are we being hypocritical???

Quite a few people get the impression I am a socialist, just because I don't like things such as unethical companies. I mean lets face it, quite a few companies have appaling records. I have lived in jakarta and have personally seen advertisements on smoking targeting children (by putting posters near schools.) In fact a majority of middle-school male children in Jakarta smoke, the government needs the money so it rarely objects.
I don't like companies like Nestle getting away with the promotion of milk powder, or companies testing on animals or companies hiding information and the list goes on…...

At the end of the day however, if it weren't for companies, I would not be here, my father works for an MNC, everyday I buy goods produced by them and technological advances are pioneered by them. So is it hypocritical for me to be against those corporations? I mean we all have McDonalds sometimes, we all have kitkat produced by Nestle…..

I can't decide…...I hate the fact that companies can get away with murder just because of money. I consciously avoid eating at KFC, buying products from BAT or ESSO or most companies that seem to be doing something nasty. But at the end of the day, almost all companies have bad traits to them, i can't avoid every one of them….

So yea thts it….basically

November 27, 2005

My First Drink of the term

For those of you who might know me – I tend to be a cock when it comes to drinking… in I don't drink. So I am proud to announce my first drink of the term taken at precisely 23:20 hours at a Wetherspoons down the road from where I live.

I would like to thank Alex and Steve for sponsoring the drink, and for convincing me that the lager in my hand was of the highest quality and taste available anywhere….(nope it was shite) hmmmm….maybe I shall do drunk the next time i do drink



Finally!!! finally!!!! – link

The students have spoken!!!! No more horrible putrid smoke in the union. I can finally drink coffee in Rococos AND go to the union and not smell like a chain smoker. This is the best news to ever come out of the union.

I am so happy that the union was CLEARLY wrong about its catering to the majority by allowing smoking – students obviously don't like smoking. I have nothing against smokers but smoking in a confined place when other people don't want you to is unethical, disrespectful and must be banned.

I can understand that certain night events may be heavily effected, but maybe I am wrong, I hope more ppl will now be encouraged to go out!!!
lovin it…..

November 25, 2005

A really dissappointing Council Session

I am pissed off , really pissed off with today's union council meeting (25/11/2005), it only goes to prove that they are filled with insensitive people and have proved that a democratic process is indeed the tyranny of the minority
2 issues I want to raise
1. Banning clause 4 that talks about asking religious institutions for help. What the fuck is wrong with asking a religious organization for advice which we MAY or MAY NOT use??? Is it going to kill people if we for example ask the NUS recognized Islamis bodies for advice on what islam thinks of alcohol????? I am not a muslim but I have scores of friends who are and I would want their views to be known, not only is supressing the issue of religion wholly disrespectful and is a blatant disregard for the international or national students that have the courage to have faith, it is also a statement to reject faith in any manner whatsoever and that makes me sick. No matter what argument you give, the clause clearly stated all appropriate bodies would be consulted and to not do so is just fucking stupid.

2. Curbing the expression of opinions in the Boar.

Bloody face it, people need to discuss the referendum and will do so. As a writer for Boar I have NEVER EVER been encouraged to give a one sided opinion, in fact many times my articles hve not been published because of the lack of any opposing opinion. If so many students want to write about banning smoking, it only reflects the opinion of the students, no one is stopping anyone with an opposing view to stop doing so but if no one contributes whose fault is it???? Useless bloody motion. here I thought birtain stood for freedom of expression, bloody hell India is light years ahead, I am thoroughly dissappointed, I hate it.

November 10, 2005

China vs India

Last month India surprised the world’s economists by growing at the pace of 8.1% in the last quarter. Initially predicted to be around 6–7%, India’s economy it seems is unstoppable. However, despite the excessive positivism surrounding its economy, things are not as smooth sailing as they seem on the surface. Although everyone speaks of China and India as the tiger economies of today, India’s heavily corrupt political system has ensured progress is by and large left to the initiative of the private enterprise, leaving India effectively light years behind China.

The fact remains that India desperately lacks the basic infrastructure required for progress. A six hour power cut in the sweltering heat of summer is nothing unusual in New Delhi, neither is a four hour traffic jam during evening rush hour in Kolkata. And Projects essential to development are delayed by decades, take for example the international airport in Bangalore. It was originally thought up in the early 90’s, yet the actual building work has only begun this year.

Arrive at any one of India’s airports and it is hard to imagine that this is a country actually making economic headway. Delhi airport, which is one of the only two profit making airports in India resembles a highly disorganized market more than an airport. Unnecessary Immigration delays are to be expected and losing luggage in the airport is far from uncommon. What is annoying is that a nation with such vast resources and extensive knowledge is not able to utilize its resources well. Indians are involved in major projects to design highways, airports, bridges, power plants in every corner of the world. From Singapore to Los Angeles, Indians provide hard labor as well as high quality technical support, and Indian companies outsource to 300 of the top fortune 500 companies. What India lacks is not knowledge, resources or skill but decent, educated and professional leaders.
The problem ultimately lies with the Indian government. Mot only is it painfully slow in making decisions; it simply refuses to make any right ones. Take for example privatization. Public companies are a paint in the arse for the Indian government, and yet precious tax money is going into ensuring inefficiency, over employment and huge losses. Essential VAT tax reforms were protested against rigorously, before finally being implemented earlier this year and most state governments still want nothing to do with it. India is at a crucial juncture, today it is almost halfway to meeting its goals of becoming a developed nation by 2020, but as usual not enough is being done.

Thankfully, all isn’t lost as yet. Thankfully left to its own devices, the private sector in India has ensured the much-needed boom of the Indian economy. Consumer confidence in India is at its highest ever and there is a burgeoning middle class willing to spend all the money they have. Last year its imports crossed $100 billion, and its service sector exports alone have blossomed into a $20 billion industry, and Industry growing at its fastest rate since independence. Along with the business aspect, India has the developing world’s most stringent and highly developed English based education curriculum. From Bill Clinton to the Economist, India’s landmark institutions especially the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), have received unfaltering praise. In fact, it is estimated that the net-worth of IIT graduates alone in USA is estimated at more than $30 Billion.

If India ever wants to be a serious candidate to challenge China, it needs some radical reforms and the Indian government needs highly educated people such as India’s Oxford educated prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh who is credited with introducing the reforms that kick-started the Indian economy back in 1992. Eventually though it must be said that China has a huge advantage over India simply because it has a government that wants their country to develop quickly and is taking the required actions to do so. Not only that, but because of lack of opposition it can implement policies without fifteen years of debate, that is currently the norm in India. Some people may think it is hypocritical for China to have a communist government and a capital market. Ironically, the communist government of China has a far more pragmatic, progressive and open minded approach to capitalism than comrades in New Delhi, the world’s largest ‘Democracy”. The Chinese government knows what it needs to do, it does it, and as a result China is and in all likelihood in the future also will be economically more successful than India

November 08, 2005

Interesting quotations

Living in a house with 7 other people has both its ups and downs, it is pissing off to see the kitchen everyday, but its cool to hang out with everyone towards the evening.

The following are some quotes taken from actual "conversations"

Tom to Louise : "Why have you got a square bottom?!!!"

King to the PS2 (while getting thrashed in FIFA 06) – "You dirty fuck"

Alex (regarding a hampster) – "just shove it up there and be done with it!"

King (during a routine conversation) – "vagina is gay!!"

King – "Do you need a cucumber or a carrot?"

Sreeya – ….... has uninspiring sex (after listening to someone do it)

Louise – "If he hasn't got a nose, then he's a man without a nose and that's a problem for me." (really louise???)

King (posing a question to a quiz machine) – "what is boinking?"
Udayan when told of the above incident – "What is a quiz machine?"

Sreeya to Alex : "Alex are you angry with me?"

(Some quotes from Sreeya are toooooooo explicit to be put on a website)

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