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April 22, 2006

Betrayal in the UK? surely not…

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A new ruling by the government now means that a lot of Doctors who came here with the promise of being treated fairly are just being denied any future and all their money is going to waste. What I dont understand i why the doctors currently studying here cannot be allowed to finish their qualification? Surely it is only a matter of ethics and decency to let someone finish what you encouraged them to start.

I have never ever viewed the UK as a discriminatory nation, but it does tend to baffle at times with decisions such as these for which there is no reasonable logic. These poor doctors (literally) now have a huge debt with NO degree…...hopefully someone will fight for their cause, unfortunately they are not of any concern to any of UKs policy makers.

April 18, 2006

"All options including the use of force are open

Bush is scaringly close to declaring war on another nation without properly exhausting all options. I hope he does not attack Iran, its a war this world can do without.

April 16, 2006

Why only one exam?

All that revision has got me angry now – why do we only have one exam every year? Wy can't we have mid-terms, regular test and quizzes which then take away this unusually high stress during the exam period
High-School was sooo much better, we had tests every two weeks, and quizzes every month, a mid-semester and an exam at the end of the semester and finally the final exam which counted for not more than 20%.
It just makes a lot lot more sense to have more regular tests/assignments/essays/work that actually counted, if you think about it. We should be doing most of our work year round anyway, and if all those essays and weekly assignments were made to count towards our grade not only would we put in more effort but actually learn something along the way

I hate this feeling of learning the whole course at the end of the year, this system sucks!

April 13, 2006

They're at it again

Yep its the french again, they've certainly gotten a lot harder to understand over the past few weeks. Anyone remotely interested in the news would have come across the near daily riots by french students over a new law – CPE , which essentially makes it easier to hire and fire workers especially since there is no need to give a reason when firing them.

Now its not so much the rioting thats new, but its the people that are doing so. I agree I am not french neither an expert on their economy, but if 45% of the people aged 18–26 do not have a job, I certainly would not be trying to burn cars if a new law made it easier for me to get a job. Yes I understand that there can be significant stress not knowing when you might be fired, but is that really any worse than being unemployed? The students protesting kept saying that as it is there are no jobs in France for them, neither is the future looking too bright but they dont want this law as it will make it easier for them to be fired. But what about the other side of the equation where it is also easier for them to be hired?

In my opinion france is going down the drain right now, their growth has been spearheaded by the free-market economy, trade liberalization and some good entrepreneurship, but with this continually socialist approach to everything they have forgotten why they are one of the top economies in Europe in the first place. The U.K. has a far stronger economy and is projected to achieve at least 3% growth in 2007, and it has also embraced liberalization much more enthusiastically. The U.K has an unemployment rate of 5.1% whereas France is in double figures…...surely despite their hatred for the British, common sense should prevail when it comes to following the right policy for the future of the country? Instead they have a list of 10 national companies that cannot be privatised and are increasingly wary of any other mergers or take-overs…..even though other countries across the world are quite open to French companies taking over local companies. Some times the right decision requires courage, France has failed yet again and with increasingly socialist attitudes and a desire to isolate themselves from the rest of the world (only 35% of the french believe free trade is good as opposed to 66% of the British), they certainly are not going to fare any better in the foreseeable future.

University students should know a hell of a lot better. Either way why should I be guaranteed a job just because I have a university degree? If I have a degree in a non technical subject why does that entitle me to any job, despite the technical expertise required? The students may have succeeded in blocking the law, but have certainly shown themselves to be disappointing in doing so.

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