January 30, 2006

Your take on the candidates?

Union elections….....I don't know how democratic the union is going to be in the future, but leaving all the issues aside , this is my take on the presidential candidates .

Ammiel Worcester (can't spell it sorry) – In Hustings was generally unable to express much. I like the fact that he is going for it as a Fresher and is willing to do it along with his degree, but in reality it wont work and I dont rate his chances that highly. His policies are ok, I dont see why we need to introduce one pound shots – its certainly not in keeping with the welfare policy of the union! All in all…..ok

Bill Rees – I like some of his policies the most. He says he is conservative, sticks to it and that takes courage in an anti-conservative uni. How effective will he be? I dont think that effective, although judged only on some policies his are different.

Brian Duggan – The best current Sabb by miles. He has actually achieved a lot this year including publsihing early timetables and worked on library issues, so I dont doubt his commitment or capabilities. However I think he is mistaken in thinking that we can build a better campus, provide more facilities etc. by not charging tuition fees. None the less he is capable.

Faraz Shibli – Vote for chips…...strange slogan, I really dont get it. Decent policies, decent speech and has inititative. His ideas are noble but in all fairness difficult to implement as presidents dont really have time to stay in the union all day for others to ask them questions.

Georde Brown – not too sure, did not hear him speak at hustings nor have I seen him campaign. I dont agree with his policy on taking a stance on everything, his manifesto was hard to understand

Tom Wood – His campaigning has been superb!!!! I have seen no one work half as hard as him and so enthusiastically as well! He is also a great guy who answers all questions with thought and certainty.I may not gree with his personal study , or his policy on fees, but judging by how hard he has worked on this campaign he certainly has my vote for now….
Sorry dont know much about the other 2 candidates.

Yes so as of now its a battle between Brian and Tom for me, both are really good candidates and either should make good presidents.
What do you guys think?

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  1. Havn't noticed anything but slogans on some posters.
    Know nothing about any of them.

    30 Jan 2006, 16:50

  2. Nice to see someone turning up to Candidate Question Time and take an interest. Not to say the turnout was bad, but it's good to hear people talking about these things.

    In response to your opening line, the Union will be democratic for the forseeable future of arbitrary scale, as dictated currently by a combination of its Constitution, UK charity law by which it is bound, and the fact that the UK government is currently democratically elected.

    Ammiel Worcester would not be doing anything "along with his degree" – if elected he would take a year out of his degree and serve full-time as a Sabbatical Officer, before returning to complete his course. Nobody has got the time to complement Sabbatical duties with any other academic engagements.

    "Vote for Chips" is such because Faraz Shibli is nicknamed "Chips", for reasons best known to himself. The essence of the slogan is therefore no more than "Vote for Faraz".

    I have to agree with your assessment that it is likely to be a two-horse race between Brian and Tom, since they clearly stand out above the rest. Knowing Brian as a fellow Trustee this year, I find it hard to see how anyone else can claim to match his combination of enthusiasm and experience. I think it'll be very hard for him to be beaten.

    30 Jan 2006, 18:32

  3. It'll be a close race between Wood and Brian. Wood has the better campaign, but Brian is the better president…

    01 Feb 2006, 11:09

  4. My pick is Brian.
    Big time.

    I see you're standing for some itnernational type thing, Uday

    01 Feb 2006, 19:20

  5. It's an interesting presidental race this year, with the usual large number of candidates. It looks like a split race between Tom Wood and Brian Duggan. Duggan having the advantage of already being a sab and trying for a second bite of the cherry (whether that should be allowed is a discussion for another time), and campgaining on the back of his changes he's made to education… however Wood appears to have hit the ground running and with an impressive campaign and policies.

    Notably this year, there are some pretty dirty tactics going on- some campaign teams taking down the others posters, and others going around kitchens to get people to actively vote against certain candidates, leading to the elections committee meeting today and telling everyone to clean up their act!

    I know the candidate that is for me… Tom Wood- enthusiatic, engaging, intelligent, with a huge will and ability to get the right things done… he's the chap this Union needs, gets my vote (for what it's worth!)

    Tom Oliver

    01 Feb 2006, 23:22

  6. Yea I chose Brian over Tom, I have seen him work and I am truly impressed with his honesty dedication and hard work…..Tom did come second though. I also heard that the supergal person (dont know her) is quite popular, is this true? a lot of my housemates voted for her. The one lesson I learnt is not to vote for a female president Kat stark has gone on and on about abortion and feminine worries instead of focussing on the union. Truth be told we have more females than males in uni and they seem to be (rightly so) doing rather well. Infact I dont agree at all that we should have a special position for womens campaigner because that in it self is sexist, why dont we have a person campaigning for male issues? Its the same with the international committee, why should only international students vote? Dont british students also have a right to help us integrate – because of the fact they cannot vote int comm is a useless committee and powerless at that. I know I am going overboard and I did vote for Cleo as deputy president as I know she will do a good job , but Kat Stark has just made me so much angrier.

    Yes Vincent I am standing for 'some international type thing' (international committee chair) as well as executive committee officer, man I really want to see changes to the international committee which is why I want to win the post – its time for international students to also take part in the union

    02 Feb 2006, 11:13

  7. Agree totally on the woman's campaign thing. Absolute fucking joke. And they wonder why I don't rate them, with this ridiculousness.
    I was gonna vote Tom Callow for executive committe person, but if you will be fighting feminism then maybe you deserve my vote.

    02 Feb 2006, 19:52

  8. …and that was only cos he is pres of ppe, for tom.

    02 Feb 2006, 19:52

  9. Faraz Shibli


    Sorry I just happened to stumble on this blog while I was looking for a Boar article. Amit has it spot on: the slogan "VOTE FOR CHIPS" is simply to do with my nickname. I understand that some people won't understand this (if they've neither seen me in lectures nor kitchens) but thought that it would at least raise some curiousity if anything.

    In response to my accountability policies, I believe a Q&A session is really important. If not at least for making the President and other Sabbs more visible, it generates more interest in democracy. That's something our uni is in desperate need of, seeing as there were only 71 people present at the last AGM! We need to bring democracy to the Students' Union building: the fact that many students are apathetic to student politics at Warwick is a serious issue that needs a grassroots solution. I don't agree that a President won't have time for these types of sessions; an hour or two every week or every fortnight is not unrealistic at all in my view. Think of a setup similar to hustings, with a little less formality.

    One point that was raised at hustings is that some of my manifesto issues have been raised in the past. This is, to an extent, true: issues such as the library, transport, etc. have featured in the past. This is simply because they are key issues to students.

    Whilst most presidential candidates shout about 'more books in the library', they do not understand that there is no space in the library for more books. We must therefore vastly expand library facilites at Gibbet Hill and the Learning Grid, which are two resources that are not used to anywhere near their full potential. This is a different solution for an old, old problem.

    Regarding transport, lobbying bus services etc. is a task to be taken on every year. I included it in my manifesto as a prominent point simply because it is particularly relevant now more than ever: in light of new late licensing laws, we need to ensure buses run late when the Union is open later (e.g. 3am Saturday finishes).

    It's a shame that more of these issues did not arise in hustings, where I would've liked to be questioned a little further on policy details, which you can't really write in huge detail in a manifesto. Nevertheless, if you guys have any questions on any issues, email me on F.Shibli@warwick.ac.uk

    Faraz (Chips)

    03 Feb 2006, 02:30

  10. Chips (I know know why!)

    An hour a week really? I dont think it is possible but I will be impressed if you do (upon being elected)

    As a member of ARC I know whats going on with the library , we all know we need a new library but there is no money the uni wants to spend on it, so really mate – not gonna happen. Regarding learning grids – all departments are already thinking of getting their own learning grids so too late on that one

    03 Feb 2006, 13:36

  11. Thanks Vincent :-)

    03 Feb 2006, 13:36

  12. Dave Sparrow

    "The one lesson I learnt is not to vote for a female president Kat stark has gone on and on about abortion and feminine worries instead of focussing on the union."

    because all women think the same of course

    03 Feb 2006, 16:19

  13. yes yes I know, I was only expressing my anger – If you read further on I did mention my vote for Clea as vice-president. It was astupid thing to say I apologise

    04 Feb 2006, 15:43

  14. Brian Duggan

    Hey all,

    thanks for the support and kind words, all the best, Brian.
    p.s let's hope next year is a good one!

    06 Feb 2006, 11:46

  15. Faraz Shibli (Chips)


    "As a member of ARC I know whats going on with the library , we all know we need a new library but there is no money the uni wants to spend on it, so really mate not gonna happen. Regarding learning grids all departments are already thinking of getting their own learning grids so too late on that one"

    I know departments are thinking of getting "their own Learning Grids" as you put it, i.e. departmental libraries, like Nottingham have. I expressed this in lectures, kitchen tours etc. as one of my policies on the library. It's not really "too late" on that one – although the idea has been put out there, someone (i.e. the President!) needs to facilitate those ideas in the right direction, which I hope Brian will be looking into.

    On that note, congrats Brian on the election result and I have no doubt you will do a great job.

    12 Feb 2006, 23:15

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