February 19, 2006

What's all the fuss about?

I just heard on the Radio that in the Baftas Brokeback Mountain was the film that bagged 4 of the main awards. I have no idea how the judges regard Brokeback mountain as being any better than The Constant Gardener? I have seen both the films, and while Brokeback mountain is a good film with some brilliant acting it is not half as gripping as The Constant Gardener. I also feel the subject matter handled by The Constant Gardener is of great importance. Pharmaceuticals have been known to exploit the poor and vehemently opposed the production of generic drugs until just recently. When a child every ten minutes is dying of Malaria, and drug companies are still a lot more worried about profits than saving the lives of the poorest people who need medicines the most, it becomes a cause for concern

I personally believe The Constant gardener should have one best movie, best director and best acting for being able to portray brilliantly the exploitation of the poor. It has a a far superior script, awesome acting and is a story which makes one more aware of whats goes on in the world, it is sad that it did not win many awards.

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  1. I completely agree.

    19 Feb 2006, 22:31

  2. Mathew Mannion

    I don't think that the subject matter should affect who gets the award, but I do agree with you… Mainly because Brokeback Mountain is crap and Rachel Weisz is fiiiine

    20 Feb 2006, 00:11

  3. yep Rachel Weisz is certainly fiiiine…

    I would only give Brokeback mountain a 6.5 …. its not that good, why dont people get that?

    20 Feb 2006, 00:12

  4. I think for a lot of people, watching Brokeback was their only experience of watching a film that isn't totally banal and it at least attempts to address some serious issues. I can understand that if you only watched Hollywood crap all the time you'd think Brokeback was amazing. I also know people who were genuinely moved by the underlying love story (which has nothing to do with the fact that it's between two men rather than between a man and a woman), and that's an opinion I can respect even if I don't share it.

    I don't know why Constant Gardener didn't do better. Most of the people I've spoken to rate it very highly.

    20 Feb 2006, 01:16

  5. My girlfriend and I sat there thinking "Brokeback was alright…but how the hell is it whipping Constant Gardener?"

    My theory is that the Americans wouldn't show up to the awards unless they picked up some gongs.

    20 Feb 2006, 09:07

  6. You might have a point Christopher….. but surely the awards should reflect public opinion to some respect. How do those judges decide anyway which one wins?

    20 Feb 2006, 11:53

  7. Remember that Oscar deciders are part of the Hollywood set and so are the BAFTA-ers…they love grabbing something whose time, according to them, has come (say, gay love story). A cause celebre, if you will.

    I don't pay that much attention to the awards anyway, especially Oscars…how can you respect an institution that has given Martin Scorsese much thought?

    21 Feb 2006, 23:56

  8. Correction: "has NOT given much thought to Scorsese"...

    21 Feb 2006, 23:57

  9. pete

    if you think brokeback is a so so movie your seriously shouldn’t be posting anything about cinema AT ALL. don’t sound stupid, seriously. it’s creepy to see people posting their own opinions about movies like they know what’s good and not. YOU DON’T. if you think constant gardner it’s a better movie, YOU ARE WRONG. brokeback won about 15 to 20 best picture awards and it’s being highly regarded as a masterpiece, specially with the homophobic oscar loss. seriously. do not be stupid. don’t make a fool out of yourself.

    06 Mar 2007, 02:52

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