February 14, 2006

Smoking to be banned EVERYWHERE

Writing about web page http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2039595,00.html

Yes I know you are all tired of me going on about it, but just to let you all know that smoking is now going to be banned in almost every enclosed public area including pubs that don't sell food! It should be in place by early next year.
Also I quote “Over time we estimate an additional 600,000 people will give up smoking as a result of this law and millions more will be protected from second hand smoke."

At last our union might be completely smoke-free after all! So despite what the stupid executive committee decides there will be no choice!!!! I guess things worked out for the best after all

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  1. That's exactly why the ideal situation (and the only legally/financially viable one) was for the Union not to proceed immediately with the smoking ban. When the national ban comes in – which was always only a matter of time – there will be no competitive disadvantage in banning smoking within the Union, so the ban can come in and a large majority of Union members will be happy.

    14 Feb 2006, 21:26

  2. yep…..I still disagree with their decision as it was based on poor research and the reasons for not introducing the smoking bans did NOT change from before and after the vote

    nonetheless – I'm happy so its all good

    14 Feb 2006, 21:28

  3. oh and competitve advantage or not the union will HAVE to ban smoking.

    14 Feb 2006, 21:42

  4. That's discrimination against smokers!

    14 Feb 2006, 23:43

  5. Great news there.
    Even if you think the exec committee's figures were wrong there wasn't really any point risking it with the nationwide ban on the table anyways.
    We might have to wait six months longer now, but six months of smoking was never worth gambling the union's financial security on.
    Ironically we've passed the bill the week before the scottish ban comes into effect.

    14 Feb 2006, 23:57

  6. I think it was pretty obvious all along that the union smoking ban was a pointless gesture anyway, since a nationwide smoking ban of some sort was going to have the same effect in the end anyway. This way however we don't lose custom to the Bar and all the pubs and clubs in Coventry and Leamington, as they will be changing over at the same time.

    Research showed that when people couldn't get tickets for nightclubs on the night of the millenium they went for alternative nights out at bars and never bothered to change back, which resulted in a drop in nightclub profits in the UK (Mintel report on nightclubs). I think the same thing would have happened had the union implemented a smoking ban a year earlier than anywhere else. Those put off would have gone elsewhere, and few would have bothered to come back.

    16 Feb 2006, 12:14

  7. god, what is it with you and smoking? did someone blow smoke straight into your face when you were 3 years old or something?

    17 Feb 2006, 15:46

  8. Why do you have a problem with me being against smoking? Nobody has done anything drastic for me to take a stanc on the issue. I don't like it primarily because of the tactics used by the Companies to recruit young smokers, the fact that smoking kills, the fact that it stinks,, the fact that anyone with half a brain should realize that if something kills you its probably not good for you or others.

    Want more??? I'll give you more

    17 Feb 2006, 22:37

  9. i don't have a problem with you being against smoking. and i understand smoking is unhealthy etc. sorry if my comment came out kind of rude, i just fail to understand why it is SO MUCH of an issue for you. yes, smoking kills but so do many other things. maybe i just find it upsetting because you seem to regard smokers as some type of subspecies that should be excluded from society…

    18 Feb 2006, 14:06

  10. I have friends that smoke just like everyone else does. I have no problem with smokers, but I do have a problem with smoking. I don't care whether other people want to smoke in their houses, cars, rooms, toilets wherever, but I don't like it because when they smoke in the same vicinity as me (a public enclosed space) I have no chance of avoiding the smoke.
    I have never said smokers should be excluded from society, but I do believe that because of smokers smoking in oubs and restaurants, non-smokers are often excluded from society and that is not fair.

    18 Feb 2006, 19:01

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