May 21, 2006

Mired in controversy…...should it be???

In the long hours in between the sporadic revision, the BBCnews website has now become my favorite haunt, and their latest discussion topic is the Da Vinci Code! (surprise surprise).
After being delayed and censored in India, and booed in press screenings, the reaction to the film begs two questions…....Is the film really that bad??? Or is it soooo good that the church is now afraid it will create unnecessary doubt?

Personally, I think the church is right to object…and so are Christians in general, afterall one can't just take any old theory (written in what I admit is a good read) and then start questioning the morals of Jesus Christ….. Muslims were angry at the cartoons, and now Christians are angry at Da Vinci ….. it is in my opinion understandable.

On the other hand, it does generate a lot of interest in Christianity from followers and non–followers alike. Anyone reading the discussion on the BBC website will see comments ranging from "The Bible is a work of Fiction" to "The film is blasphemous!" but all would agree that it did generate a lot of interest. But is that a sufficient reason to not protest??? In some respects I say yes it is…..because even if the film has a disclaimer on it bing a work of fiction, it does promote a discussion of the history of christianity. And if someone does take the stance that Jesus married Magdalane, at least she would be accpeting that Jesus did exist. But as I have said before, it creates unnecessary tensions all around, especially when people start abusing each other for their views.
In my opinion what differentiates the Da Vinci Code from the cartoons of Mohammad is that it does not degrade Jesus Christ to being a terrorist, but rather questions the power of the church. Although I admit the focus has been on his relationship with Magdalane, which many people would find degrading.

At then end of the day I believe the film should be viewed as based on a very good work of fiction and should be enjoyed for its intoxicating story line, but I doubt it will be. After all we are all humans….and as is obvious nothing gets us going like religion…

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  1. But the Jesus/Magdalene story is old, much much older than the Da Vinci Code. I think people just need something to get wound up about and this is convenient. No one involved has claimed it's anything other than fiction, so why is the Church so worried? It makes it look like it does have something to hide…

    21 May 2006, 16:37

  2. I think Da Vinci is different from the Danish cartoons in that it is impossible for Mohammad to have been a bomb wielding terrorist where as it is feasable for the central themes of the Da Vinci code to be true. That's not to say they were likely but the possiblility exists.

    I'm a bit confused as to why some Christians are kicking up a fuss about it because if people take it as more than fiction then they are just basing beliefs on a book based on ideas about the life of Jesus, which if i'm being cynical is not too dissimilar from there own belief structure. If everyone starts going around demanding that anything which doesn't agree with their set of beliefs must carry a disclaimer saying it's fiction then we're in dangerous territory.

    I appreciate that the book/film touches the heart of Christanity quite closely but so too is saying that there are multiple god or that there is no god etc. I'm sure there are people who believe in a different god(s) who think that the parts of the bible which say that Jesus is the son of god is fiction, but I don't hear them protesting for "This could be a work of fiction" to be included in the preface. That's because it's more important to understand peoples beliefs rather that to dismiss them.

    21 May 2006, 16:41

  3. I agree with you Colin, people have different beliefs and they live with it and yes it is more important to understand people's beliefs rather than to dismiss them. I think that church in India is overreacting but only because it wants to be heard and christians around the world don't want non–believers to criticise their religion or their god…which I think is fair.
    Holly – thats quite true, the reactions of the Church to a peice of fiction is rather strong.

    21 May 2006, 17:01

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