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December 12, 2005

Racist Oz

As an Indian i am happy to say I have never felt il-treated or unwelcomed in the UK, infact people in UK are very open to people from all cultures no matter what the newspapers report on, I believe this to be true. The same can be said of S.E.Asian countries, which are also tolerant of different races and cultures

However, the one country where I have received negative vibes is definetely Australia. At times it just gets ridiculous. While arriving, they wouldn't let us in unless we confirmed that we paid for our returned ticket with cash, they wanted my dad to confirm he had a job and even insisted on seeing his pay slip, it was absolutely disgraceful. In the country it was the attitude of the bus drivers, and the general segregation of society . My friends in Oz tend not to hang out with white folks, they just dont feel safe.
As a result it is no surprise to me that the australians are now behaving disgracefully against any one that looks remotely middle eastern


Let alone the lack of any common sense, hard to expect anyway from racist hooligans, but beating up innocent people in a country which apparently prides itself on multiculturalism – thats just sick.

Australia has the toughest immigration laws in the industrialized world, it refuses to rescue people dying near its shores since it will only encourage more to try and cross over even though it can easily afford to give these people with no hope whatsoever a new start to their lives, and now its anti-terror laws are appaling…. one can only hope the australians learn the British or Candian way sooner.

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