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October 19, 2004

Complications in educating about AIDS/HIV

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This article is saying that they are having trouble educating adults because of cultural traditions. This is interesting considering the other article is showing that the gala they are having is successful. There seems to be a contradiction or its the fact that they are working with different areas of Zimbabwe which could very well be possible. The more rural areas are difficult to educate while those is more modernized sectors of the country may be more open to learning and not following all traditions exactly.

A different way of Sex Education

Writing about web page

This article talks of sex education for AIDS and HIV in a different manner than the other. Instead of trying to go and inform just adult females about prevention, they are starting early by informing children in the school system. The other article said that they were having difficulty with getting information to make a difference because of cultural differences but this article showed that this gala they are having is helping to inform the adult women. Having the gala is something that seems to beneficial for all ages as it involves the entire community.

Now connected with the World

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This article tells of the government giving money to fund 17 laptop computers and printers to an area in the Cape Flats of South Africa. The hope of the government that more areas not able to have this kind of technology will be getting it soon. This is going to help improve these students knowledge of the world as well better chance of succeeding in life.

Sex Education in Zimbabwe

Writing about web page

In this article, groups are having trouble giving education on safe sex practices. Because of cultural beliefs women cannot talk of sex with their spouses who may have HIV or AIDS and this gives reason why the spread of the disease is rampant in many areas.

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