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November 17, 2004

A boy whipped to death

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This article tells of Zambia now banning corporal punishment in all schools. A boy was whipped to death last year by his teacher. Are you kidding me? I am in shock that a teacher would have the outright anger that they would beat a child to the point of death. 40 whips minus one with the cat n tails might be a safer punishment than what was used by these teachers. The article described uses and reasons for punishment. "Generations of students were routinely beaten in the name of discipline: thrashed with hippopotamus tails (known as sjamboks), whipped with canes, kicked, slapped and pinched for misbehaviour, poor results, being late, missing school, wearing a dirty or torn uniform – and sometimes for no reason at all."
It's hard to believe this. I'm glad that they are stopping this type of treatment though it is a true tragedy that a death and countless other examples of horrible treatment had to bring change. I can say I received corporal punishment when I went through primary school never, ever, was it a whipping that would have caused more than little soreness. I have complete sympathy for the children and families affected by this.

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