October 10, 2004

Teacher shortage in Kenya

Writing about web page http://allafrica.com/stories/200410080334.html

In this article from the Nation newspaper out of Nairobi shows that the education system is in need of more teachers. At the least it needs some staff to transfer to ease shortage in some schools. National examinations are about to be added to the school curriculum. the lack of teachers causes large student populations in the classroom, meaning less individual help teachers canl give to their students. This situation will possibly cause students to not be as prepared to do well on their national examinations. One last note of this article that is amazing to me is that the Teacher Union is saying it needs 60,000 teachers to ease staff shortage. Unreal.

Media Diary topic

For my media diary topic I am going to see what work is being done in Africa in the area of education. I will lookly mostly to areas in southern Africa but will bring out any interesting news all over African contitent if it shows the successes or hardships education is facing in this developing area.

October 05, 2004


Here is the Gaffney Peachoid which holds one million gallons of water.

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