May 27, 2005

Year1 Term2

Follow-up to Year1 Term1 from Tim's blog

In term1 Mr Matthew Whitley set up a CU freshers band. We started playing in CU main meetings at the end of the first term but really started to get playing during 2nd term. This was the band that later went on to be the first resident freshers band at Soulfood Three in term3 and then play at The Party of Five again doin covers like at Soulfood in year1term1.

I mention this a) because it was a great time playing in that band [although sometimes stressful with certain perfectionists around but we gradually got used to playing together and it became a lot easier] b) it gave me the chance to become CU Music+ Secretary c) it was the first time I really got to play with a band d) we sounded pretty amazing sometimes and that wos an honour to be a part of e) i found an acoustic guitar partner

Me and Matt got to do loads of acoustic stuff over the next 2 terms for the CU. Our main favourites to play were Third Day songs which is why its appropriate to be listenin to them. Nothing Compares and These Thousand Hills were great fun to do, Matt's guitaring on When the Rain Comes and God of Wonders were something to behold though, considering he's only a wee Irishman and all that!

My favourite songs we did in that band in CU were Jesus You Alone with Chris' electric over the top , All My Days (beautiful saviour) with me and matt's crazily high harmony on the chorus we tried that capo 7 once hahaha, open the eyes of my heart wos always class with the sonicflood stolen G A chords between verses, annnnnnnd Work A Miracle In My Heart.

Me and Matt also got to lead worship on evenings at Westwood Church sometimes, well matt led I got to do lots of backing vocals and stuff which was brilliant fun for a change. One time we did it with Matt's gf of the time another becky i'm afraid and we did There Is a Redeemer and it was one of those moments that puts shivers down ur neck. I've had quite a few moments like that leading worship in CU and church but thats one that sticks in my mind.

Anyway thats quite enough of that. I missed the Rev concert at the end of the term becos like I said I'd been appointed as Music+ Sec so we went on the CU leaders weekend at Quinta Hall (thats my 2nd visit to Quinta) that weekend. It really struck us how much the CU needed to change and that was our focus for the next 3 terms, it worked brilliantly thanks to God but then he did soooooooo much more than we had planned, he saved souls and brought people to himself, people that now have their eternity in heaven secure becos of what we did on the committee and all the good work God is doin now we know is a direct result of the many many hours we put in as a committee.

I've gone on way too much about the music because that was something that I wanted to look back on and reflect as I havent for a long time and one of those things that was stopping me sleep but I will tell you allllllllllllllllllllllllll about the CU and my year on committee anytime you want (ask the interviewing teams at All Souls hehe) but not now!

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