May 27, 2005

Year1 Term1

Follow-up to Here I Am… not just a delirious? song from Tim's blog

I'm listenin to Third Day by the way. They'll feature more in the 2nd and 3rd terms though.

Ok first night of uni I was picked up from my halls, the wonderful Knightcote on Westwood with its bigger than anywhere else rooms and dining card, by Fi, Bex and Sian in Fi's micra followed by TP and Pope beeping Popes hooter in his ridiculas old MG car. We went to a Christian Focus quiz night at the chaplaincy and then onto the graduate.

These guys minus Pope who I was never at uni with, cant believe that cos we always knew each other so well, took me along to CU, Rev and my legs twitching, thats horrible! urgh! wot are you doing???? ok i give up, neway CU, Rev and Westwood Church. The 3 of which I am still at!

It's really thanks to Bex that I got to do so much worship leading in CU as she got me involved with her band at Westwood straight away and we did that together for the first year. There was a fair bit of stress over it sometimes but we enjoyed it on the Sunday once we got going with Fi singin inbetween us and keepin the peace.

She also dragged me into Rev Dance and Drama and at the end of the 1st term we performed in Reigate down in ?Kent? maybe for the president of Rev at the time, Rachel's grandma's church. Bit random but it was great fun for my first rev gig and performed a sketch all about Fresher Tim's first week at Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir (based on a true story!) which the choir found hilarious!

The first term was absolutely mental and I couldnt believe just how much happened to me in those first 10 weeks I went from this unknown fresher (for all of 5 hours) to the famous Fresher Tim who EVERYbody knew, even if I didnt yet know them!

Cu houseparty was wicked cos I was totally treated as one of the 2nd yrs, partly becos a lot of the first yrs still thought I was I think. In fact on that note one of the highlights of the first term was in week4, yes 4!, one of my hallmates was surprised to find out on the bus when we bumped into each other when i wos comin bak from Chloe, Jo and Ruths fairytale birthday party that I was in fact a fresher and not a 2nd or 3rd yr as most my hall thought! (Id had CU ppl always comin to my room for 10:25 and stuff and my best friend at the time again called Bex [thats now married Bex] came to stay at just the end of week3 so they thort i must be really settled- which I was but not 2 yrs settled!)

At the end of the term Gareth and Stu had a party round their house, already a regular place to visit off campus along with TeacherPauls house, for Christmas which was a great laugh. Gareth was still finding popcorn in his bedroom in the 2nd term!

As I type this I still have the label saying "Fresher Tim" that we made on Gareth's label maker that night in his room stuck under the screen of my laptop where I put it that night. Sad? Maybe but its special to me.

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