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November 29, 2015


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I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Engineering Business Management at the University of Warwick. Despite Process Improvement using Six Sigma is not my core module, I would like to choose it as my free-elective module. The main purpose of my choice is to learn the basis of six sigma and apply it to the field of marketing.

In terms of manufacturing and engineering, Six Sigma is a very useful methodology in order to make improvements, reduce waste and tackle the problems through the existing process. However, in terms of marketing, it is possible to add more science to the art in the marketing. Six Sigma enables the people of marketing to select the attractive market opportunities. This tool provides to identify the fastest and most accurate process of product commercialization and cross-functional communication. The approch of Six Sigma performs better tools, methods and practices through the marketing process. Using most useful information is conducted for better decisions through six sigma.

Uncertainty inherent is diminished by using the most robust approach which is more creative and strategic. The companies have to go to their market processes within six sigma involved in them would carry on market growth.

The Importance of the SIPOC Diagram

A SIPOC Diagram is a useful tool in order to determine all related elements related to the improvement a process. This one page diagram enables to understand the process much better. Creating SIPOC is very important due to better understanding based on what we know now and what changes have to be done for future. SIPOC is a vital component which is created at the start and revised within the project’s life span.

There are three main areas of the SIPOC diagram as SIPOC overview, expectations and process steps. The first part is SIPOC overview where all the details about Supplier, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers can be analyzed. The second part of SIPOC is related to expectations and it analyses the expectations about the process regard to customers and the business. Process Steps and Key Data is the third area of SIPOC which is a linear flowchart of whole process between 5 to 8 steps. This data enables more information in terms of each step of the process.

In order to verify the current performance with data, SIPOC should be performed efficiently. It is a summary of current data which are available at the start point of the project. This will allow the team to compare the points which would change in the future. It is also important to find out which data is not available for the project. Thanks to the SIPOC, the data needed is possible to measure the all process efficiently.

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